18 million tomans fine and confiscation of the car in favor of the government for changing the height of the car in Iran

18 million tomans fine for changing, increasing and decreasing the height of the car

It was officially announced that from now on, changing the height of the car will result in a fine of 18 million tomans. Of course, this first stage is the punishment for increasing the height of the car.

Mokhtari, Director General of Isfahan Province Government Punishment Organization, recently announced a fine of 18 million tomans for the unusual increase in vehicle height in the country. This official stated that according to the recent amendment of the Law on Combating Goods and Currency Smuggling, tampering with vehicle height will be dealt with in two stages from now on.

Changing the height of the car will be accompanied by a fine of 18 million tomans

According to Mokhtari, people who increase the height of their cars and use this as a way to fit, will be fined 18 million tomans for the first time. If people commit this violation again, the government will confiscate their cars for their own benefit. This official of the Isfahan State Penitentiary Organization also pointed out that the purpose behind the height change does not affect the evaluation of the violation. In fact, even if the impounded car is not carrying contraband and its height has been changed only for the sake of beauty, this issue is still considered a violation.


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