30% decrease in the share of the international Internet, the government’s goal in the seventh development plan!

03 June 1402 at 21:15

There are whispers about a 30% reduction in the share of the international Internet in the seventh development plan bill. Does the government intend to restrict the Internet?

During the last one or two years, the government has done all its efforts to limit the international internet and even at one point of time, the efforts of the Ministry of Communications and the government have led to the international internet being shut down and its nationalization. Now there are whispers about reducing the share of the Internet in the 7th Development Plan.

Is the 30% decrease in the share of the international Internet correct?

The evidence indicates that the government has emphasized to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to increase the domestic or national internet to the level of 70%, and this action means that the government wants to reduce the amount of international internet to the level of 30%. Apparently, the news of the decrease in the percentage of the international Internet is mentioned in Article 19 of the 7th Development Plan Bill, and accordingly, this order should be applied by the Ministry of Communications.

A 30% decrease in the share of the international Internet

According to the article of the mentioned bill, in order to increase the internal traffic to seventy percent (70%) of the total user traffic and protect the rights of the content owners and the content producer-consumer end user in the value chain and ecosystem of the virtual space, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology It is obliged to prepare the economic model and its tariff system in cooperation with the National Center of Virtual Space and bring it to the approval of the Regulatory Commission.

Regarding what percentage of the current internet traffic is domestic and what percentage is international, there is no accurate information; But according to what the Deputy Ministry of Communications stated in March two years ago, 80% of the volume of consumed traffic is international and only 20% is domestic. (Probably, this statistic has changed a lot by now)

Amir Mohammadzadeh Lajurdi said in the late 1400s that out of the 80% share of foreign Internet traffic, nearly 70% was foreign content related to WhatsApp and Instagram. Having said that, since these two platforms of Meta company have been filtered over the last year, the share of foreign internet traffic has decreased, but the government has taken notice of the people’s weakness and plans to further reduce this number.

It should be mentioned that the seventh development plan bill was prepared for the years 1402 to 1406 and has 22 chapters and 7 sections. Among the various parts of this bill, we can mention the economic, infrastructure, cultural and social, scientific, technological and educational, foreign policy, defense and security and administrative, legal and judicial. The bill in front of the government has been approved and it remains to be seen whether the clause related to the international internet will be implemented or not!

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