A look at 3 Apple products that were never launched

30 May 1402 at 13:36

Here we introduce three attractive Apple products that remained in the ideation and prototype stage and were never officially launched.

The trillion dollar company Apple spends a lot of time and money on research and development. The company is constantly filing patents, some of which may never become products.

For example, this Cupertino company currently has a large number of inventions around its iPhones and iPads, a high percentage of which remain at the level of this invention and will never be made.

Of course, Apple’s new inventions are not only limited to its phones and tablets, but also include some other gadgets, devices and services of this company.

In addition to the fact that some of these Apple ideas never reach the stage of production and development, others are also produced in very limited quantities; However, due to some reasons, they have not reached mass production and are removed from the production cycle before entering the market.

Today, in Gadget News, we are going to review three such Apple products that were only prototypes made and never entered the market.

Three Apple products that were only made in limited numbers and were not released to the market

Magic charger

When Apple unveiled its MagSafe charging standard for the iPhone, it also intended to produce a charging dock to facilitate charging by connecting to the iPhone.

Apple never officially launched this device. Nevertheless, its prototypes somehow ended up in the hands of some collectors and technology enthusiasts.

Magic charger

One user who had access to this prototype described it as a well-built aluminum dock with a flexible MagSafe clip.

This charger was also equipped with a USB-C port, which made it possible to connect it to other chargers.

In addition, the user in question, by connecting this charger to a Mac, was also able to see the name intended for it: Apple Magic Charger!

It should be noted that this Apple charger has never been released to the market and is not even mentioned in Apple’s documents. However, the Cupertino giant has launched a charger similar to it under the name MagSafe Duo, which is a twin charger for iPhone and Apple Watch and can be used to charge these two devices at the same time.

However, it should be kept in mind that MagSafe Duo provides a maximum power of 11 watts when connected to 20-watt adapters, and a maximum output power of 14 watts when connected to 27-watt adapters.

While normal Magsafe chargers have an output power of 15 watts even with normal adapters, they are a faster and cheaper option for charging iPhone or Apple Watch.

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Air Power

Unlike Magic Charger, Air Power was officially unveiled by Apple in September 2017!

At that time, Apple hoped to be able to solve the challenges of making this complex device and finally launch it on the market. However, after a few years, the AirPower project was completely canceled!

This device was actually a Qi wireless charging pad that could support Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple AirPods. Therefore, the main idea behind this charger was to be able to charge all Apple mobile gadgets using one charger.

At first, this American company claimed that users can place any of their three devices anywhere on the charging surface they wish. To achieve this, the Cupertinos needed to use multiple coils at different points of the charging pad; so that the possibility of wireless charging is available on its entire surface.

However, after a few years of its initial unveiling, the Air Power failed to meet Apple’s high standards and was discontinued.

Of course, the Cupertino giant stopped its production due to possible security risks of this charger and officially announced its cancellation in March 2019.

Of course, Apple never sold this device wholesale to users. However, some enthusiasts were able to acquire the early models of this device and get a general idea about its performance.

Of course, despite the fact that Apple has officially confirmed that the AirPower project is out of the development and research cycle, Tesla has unveiled a similar system.

This Tesla charging pad does exactly what the Air Power was supposed to do! Therefore, three different devices can be charged simultaneously by this wireless charger with a power of 15 watts.

Of course, the development of this Tesla wireless charger was done completely separately from Air Power. However, all the exclusive features that Apple intended are provided to users by this Tesla platform.

iPad with two separate ports

Apple’s last product, which was never released, is a little more unknown than the other two devices, and the idea behind it was later used in other Apple products.

In 2021, a tech collector reported owning a first-generation iPad with two identical ports that allowed two accessories to be connected to it at the same time.

Judging by the appearance of this iPad, it seems that Apple has an extensive plan to use it. One of these ports is placed in the middle of the device; while the other is located at the bottom and left side.

This arrangement of ports allows the device to be connected to the charger through the middle port and to use accessories such as a keyboard, dock or other accessories.

At that time, Apple decided to encourage users to use the iPad horizontally. Naturally, these two ports had the ability to work simultaneously.

Despite the fact that iPads equipped with two ports were never launched, the idea behind their creation continued to exist later in the form of smart connectors.

This idea is now used in the new iPads and allows the user to connect their accessories to the iPad through three pins.

Of course, triple connectors are a much better and cleaner way to use different accessories; Because they do not harm the overall appearance of the iPad and its symmetry.

At the same time, it is interesting that since the first generation of iPad, Apple has kept in mind the idea of ​​using various accessories along with it!

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