A look at the capabilities of the channel in WhatsApp; Step by step copy of Telegram

29 May 1402 at 19:12

The channel feature will soon be added to WhatsApp messengers, so that this program will be one step closer to its powerful competitor, Tegram. In this article from Gadget News, we will have a look at the capabilities of the channel in WhatsApp. Stay with us.

Maybe a few years ago, none of the heads of Facebook and WhatsApp could have imagined that one day a Russian messenger could threaten their throne and even force them to copy their competitor’s capabilities to continue playing. However, now and in 2023, WhatsApp has reached out to Telegram and wants to keep its users satisfied by copying the capabilities of this messenger.

One of the most important features of WhatsApp this year is copying the channel feature from Telegram. Some time ago, we announced in Gadget News that WhatsApp added the channel feature in the beta version, and now we want to take a close look at this new feature of WhatsApp, which has been in Telegram for years, after a few weeks.

How exactly will the channel functionality in WhatsApp be?

The ability of WhatsApp channels can finally turn this messenger into an attractive tool for content producers. Of course, due to filtering and problems such as not sending the WhatsApp authentication code in Iran, this feature may not be useful for many of us Iranians. If you don’t feel like reading the rest of this article, just know that WhatsApp engineers have gathered all the useful features of Telegram in the feature of WhatsApp channels and we are witnessing a complete copy!

WhatsApp secret message

As the published reports show, WhatsApp is currently working on the channel feature and we may not see this feature being released to the public. In addition to this, the statuses will also disappear and a page with the title of updates will replace it. In this section, users can view their favorite channels in addition to viewing statuses.

One of the most important features of WhatsApp channels is not showing your profile. This means that even the admins of WhatsApp channels cannot see your phone number. Showing the phone number was one of the most problematic and stupid problems of WhatsApp in the groups section, which fortunately we will not see again in the channels.

Important features of the channel in WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp channels are still under development, the new update of the beta version of WhatsApp for the Android operating system shares interesting information with us. You can see 12 new WhatsApp features below.

In WhatsApp channels, we have to wait for a paid tick!

As it is known, tick selling has become one of the best ways to earn money on different platforms. As the new update of the beta version of WhatsApp on Android shows, in this messenger you can distinguish yourself from others by using a green tick on your channel. We still don’t know how to get the channel’s green tick due to the lack of public availability of channels in WhatsApp, but you can get more information about this by checking the Gadget News website in the future.

The number of followers and the mute option will be exactly a copy of Telegram!

The other two features of WhatsApp channels will be exact copies of Telegram’s original. For example, the number of members or followers of the channel will be displayed in large numbers just like Telegram. For example, if your channel has 2,583 members, the number 2.5K will be displayed below the channel name.

This is not the end of WhatsApp copies and upon entering a channel, you may see an option to mute the channel in the header section. This feature can be seen in Telegram in the lower part of the screen.

Ability to search and find channels and shortcuts

WhatsApp allows users to make their channels searchable for the general public and other users can enter without any hassle just by entering the username of each channel. In addition to this feature, there will be a feature called shortcuts in WhatsApp channels.

Maybe the name of this feature seems attractive, but in fact these shortcuts do not have any interesting features. For example, there are three short cuts that are accessible in the Channel Info section. These shortcuts allow you to log out, forward the channel, and share it.

Description and ability to mute in WhatsApp channels

As we expected, WhatsApp allows you to enter information for a channel by creating it. This feature is just like channel description in Telegram. Earlier, we talked about the muting feature, but this type of muting, which can be seen in the channel info section, allows you to mute notifications.

Telegram security features come to WhatsApp channels!

Another important feature of WhatsApp channels is directly copied from Telegram. When you create a new channel as an admin, you can give users access to the channel in two ways. The first method is public and it will be possible to search and enter the channel for all WhatsApp users. Another method, called private, allows you to only have invited people on your channel.

As we have already announced, WhatsApp provides many security and privacy features to its users. If you join a channel, your information will remain hidden and other members will not know that you are in a channel. Of course, there is a possibility that the admin can see your name, but the number will be hidden for him.

Ability to report inappropriate channels on WhatsApp

Members of a channel have the possibility to report one of the posts or the whole channel. If the channel users come across something that is in conflict with the WhatsApp rules, they can inform the WhatsApp review team by reporting the messages or the channel. Maybe this topic is not related to this Gadget News article, but it is better to know that in most platforms, messages and reported pages are checked by humans, and the high number of reports of a channel or page (if it adheres to the rules of the platform) has an impact on the package. It cannot be done. In WhatsApp, if the reports are true, not only all messages and the channel will be deleted, but also the members will no longer have access to the channel.

WhatsApp channels will be powerful from the beginning

The development team of WhatsApp messengers is aware of its weaknesses and knows that it should reach Telegram as soon as possible. As you read in this Gadget News article, Meta has many programs for WhatsApp channels and wants to keep its users satisfied by copying features from Telegram.

WhatsApp channels can be one of the most important features of this messenger in recent years, and if there was no news about WhatsApp filtering, the news of adding the channel feature to WhatsApp would probably become a news bomb among Iranian users.

Although the channels alone cannot draw Telegram users to WhatsApp, this shows that Meta has a lot of concerns about the power of Telegram and the migration of its users to this messenger. However, Telegram did not sit idle and announced that it will add important features in the next updates.

When exactly will the channels be available to all WhatsApp users?

As you know, WhatsApp is currently developing this feature and the exact time for its release has not been announced. However, if the predictions turn out to be true, in the coming months we should see the release of this feature in one of the stable versions of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp usually does not release much information about a feature before it is released, so the only way for us is to wait and follow the news from different sources. If you want to be the first to know about the latest news in the world of technology, we suggest you follow Gadget News on social networks.

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