A look at the new capabilities and features likely to come to Xiaomi’s MIUI 15

May 26, 1402 at 14:16

Here we will take a look at some possible features and functions of Xiaomi’s MIUI 15 user interface that can make a great user experience for this brand’s phones.

Xiaomi should be considered one of the most popular phone companies in the world, which has many fans all over the world.

MIUI user interface is one of the most important reasons for this popularity of Xiaomi. This user interface is known for providing a clean and creative design along with numerous features and very smooth and excellent performance.

The Chinese phone giant is expected to unveil MIUI 15 later this year. This generation of Xiaomi user interfaces is designed based on Android 14 and is supposed to give users a new set of features.

While many phones of this company and its sub-brands are still receiving MIUI 14, today we are going to introduce some possible features of Xiaomi’s MIUI 15 in Gadget News. Stay with us.

Possible features of Xiaomi’s MIUI 15 user interface

Xiaomi user interface

According to the rumors that were published earlier about the next generation of the Xiaomi user interface, the capabilities of this user interface will be placed in the following four general categories:

  • A new design language with a focus on simplicity and fluidity at the same time as high efficiency
  • Better performance and battery life
  • New features aimed at improving performance and gaming
  • Higher security and safety

New design language

According to speculations about Xiaomi’s MIUI 15, one of its most important changes will be its completely new design language.

It is said that Xiaomi has been working on this new design for its user interface for some time and will make it inspired by the Material You design that was introduced in Android 12.

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Google’s Material You language allows the user to customize all visual elements and leaves his hands free to customize the user interface.

In this context, Xiaomi can also allow users to go one step beyond what Google provided by changing more elements such as fonts or icons.

Better technical performance and battery life

Another aspect of MIUI 15’s performance that will be greatly improved is its performance and battery life.

Xiaomi has been working on various aspects of this user interface for a long time, and by optimizing them, it is trying to make a faster and smoother performance for the new generation of its user interface.

In addition, thanks to the inclusion of several features related to power saving mode, Xiaomi’s new user interface is likely to have better battery management.

New features in performance and gaming

In MIUI 15, Xiaomi has also decided to provide its users with the possibility of playing games more easily and improving the efficiency in doing various things.

Some special features of this user interface with the aim of improving efficiency are:

  • The new multi-tasking mode that allows you to quickly and simultaneously view several open windows and choose between them.
  • A new note-taking application that supports full features such as voice recording, drawing, and even sharing.
  • A new calendar application that supports various features, including the ability to add daily events and reminders.

Of course, this is not all the features of Xiaomi’s MIUI 15; Because various features will be added to this user interface with the aim of improving the game experience.

Among these capabilities, the following can be mentioned:

  • A new launcher that allows users to find and run the games they want.
  • A new game mode (Game Mode) that optimizes the performance of the device when playing video games.
  • The new feature of saving the game (Game Recording) which allows users to record and share the gameplay.

The new features of Xiaomi’s MIUI 15 camera

Among the other possible features of the next generation of Xiaomi user interfaces, we can mention the camera-related ones.

These features provide the user with high-quality images and videos as quickly as possible. Some of these features are as follows:

  • New mode of night photography that takes clearer and brighter images in low light conditions.
  • New portrait mode that blurs the background of the images so that all the focus of the image is on the main subject.
  • New artificial intelligence mode (AI Mode) that automatically optimizes images to provide the best quality.

New audio features

Some other possible features of the MIUI 15 user interface are focused on providing a better audio experience when listening to music or watching video content.

Some of these features are:

  • New Hi-Fi audio mode that delivers high-quality sound to the audience’s phone.
  • The new Dolby Atmos mode that will provide an ambient sound.
  • Sound equalizer that will allow the user to adjust the played sound.

Xiaomi’s new MIUI 15 security features

A number of features of the new MIUI user interface are naturally focused on protecting users from malware and other malicious applications and try to bring them higher security.

Among these capabilities, the following can be mentioned:

  • A new virus scanner that periodically checks the device and informs the user about the presence of viruses and malware.
  • A new firewall that prevents unknown applications and services from accessing user information.
  • A new security chip that allows the user to manage the security settings of the device.

Capabilities focused on people with disabilities

Among the features of Xiaomi’s new user interface that will help people with disabilities better interact with their device, the following can be mentioned:

  • A text reader that reads the text aloud to the user.
  • New zoom feature that allows users to zoom in on images and text.
  • The ability to invert colors, which will be very useful for people with some visual impairments.


Based on what was said here, the new user interface of Xiaomi can provide attractive and new features to the users of Xiaomi phones and its affiliated brands and improve the user experience of these devices.

Of course, be careful that everything said in this text is based on speculations and rumors about this user interface and may not become reality in the end.

At the same time, what is clear is that the next generation of MIUI will definitely bring great features and capabilities to Xiaomi users around the world.

Xiaomi’s MIUI 15 will probably be unveiled and released in the second half of 2023.

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