After 50 years, the Beatles’ new music was created by artificial intelligence

02 June 1402 at 13:25

After 50 years of the separation of the members of the Beatles, a YouTube user published several new songs of this group using artificial intelligence!

Recently, artificial intelligence has been used to create several songs from the legendary group The Beatles, which is still the most popular and well-known music group in the world.

This event is known as an important and amazing news for the fans of this music group, since the members of this group separated from each other in 1970, until today, they have not released any independent songs and its members have only played their solo songs.

The creator of these new works was a YouTube content producer named Dae Lims, who produced new music using the voices of the four members of the group, Lennon, McCarthy, Harrison and Starr.

Of course, these videos and tracks were removed from YouTube very quickly due to the intervention of the famous UMG company and due to copyright issues.

Creating new Beatles music by artificial intelligence; Attractive for listeners, dangerous for artists!

The song chosen by this content producer was the song New by Paul McCartney, which was released in 2013 from the album under the same name. Dae Lims recreated the song with the help of artificial intelligence as if all four members of the Beatles were performing it together!

In addition, this content producer has also recreated John Lennon’s Grow Old With Me as if Paul McCartney is also present in it.

It should be noted that before the removal of these videos, YouTube users had received them extremely well.

Also in 1968, The Beatles recorded bits of a song called Watching Rainbows. However, the full version of this song was never released.

However, another YouTuber named John Winston Lennon has released the full track of this song on YouTube using artificial intelligence.

This song also received an incredible response on YouTube.

Music streaming services like YouTube, Spotify are full of tracks made by AI.

By injecting a large volume of data into their AI algorithm, the creators of these AI-based songs are able to achieve a very good understanding of the voice, singing style and other qualitative details of different singers. The result of this is the creation of artificial music from different singers with the help of artificial intelligence technology, which even the ardent fans of those singers are not able to recognize that it is not real!

to report Interesting EngineeringLast month, Spotify was forced to remove a song called Heart On My Sleeve by rappers Drake and The Weeknd, which was created entirely by artificial intelligence.

UMG, which is responsible for protecting the rights of both these singers, said in an interview with Billboard:

The release and virality of such songs clearly shows the legal and ethical importance of different companies not to provide their facilities and services to people who can harm the music industry.

Further, this company also sent a notice to all music streaming services and asked them not to provide their archives and resources to artificial intelligence companies without obtaining the necessary permissions.

Music AI

Immediately after these events, Spotify was forced to remove tens of thousands of songs from its platform. Previously, Spotify was a platform for publishing music produced by artificial intelligence.

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