Arizo 5 vs Arizo 6; What is the difference?

02 June 1402 at 19:56

Arizo 5 and Arizo 6 are two Chinese sedans with significant purchase value. Next, we will compare Arizo 5 IE and Arizo 6 Pro and check their differences.

Those car drivers whose wealth is at least more than buying domestic products, these days usually tend to buy full-length and half-length Chinese SUVs available in the market. However, sedans are still in great demand, and Arizo 5 and Arizo 6 from Chery, which the car managers brought to Iran, can be among the options worthy of attention for sedan car applicants.

Chery Arizo 5 was assembled in the country for the first time by car managers in 2015. Two versions of manual transmission and automatic transmission of this Chinese sedan were made available at that time. After a year, the turbocharged TE version of this car was launched, and in 1400, the IE version entered the market, which is still in the product portfolio of car managers. The said version has less noticeable design updates and a new cabin with a different trim.

Chery Arizo 6, as its name implies, made its way to Iran after Arizo 5. The managers of the car first launched this sedan in 2018 and then unveiled its facelifted version in 2018. This new version, named Arizo 6 Pro, is considered among the products of the Phoenix brand of car managers. This brand includes the company’s higher-end products, including the Tigo 8 Pro Max and the new FX crossover.

In the following, we will compare Chery Arizo 5 IE type and Phoenix Arizo 6 Pro from different perspectives, including technical specifications, design and level of facilities and safety and comfort equipment.

Comparison of Chery Arizo 5 type IE and Phoenix Arizo 6 Pro

Exterior and interior design

Arizo 5 and Arizo 6 are identical in terms of design in many ways. In fact, Arizo 6 is considered an updated version of Arizo 5, which has acquired a fresher color and flavor by adding new elements to it. Despite this, Arizo 5 still has a good design that can satisfy many customers. In fact, its design is still not so outdated that it has a significant difference compared to Arizo 6.

First, in the front view of Arizo 5, a galaxy grille with a chrome line in the middle of this grille stands out. In its side view, there are prominent lines that make this view simple. Finally, the rear end consists of large headlights with a chrome line between them, as well as a prominent trunk lip.

Arizo 6 has a large black hexagonal grille in its front view, which is connected to the headlights. This car is similar to Arezzo 5 in the side view, especially in terms of lines, but another noticeable change can be seen in the rear view. In the rear area of ​​this Chinese sedan, there are all-round lights, which is one of the newer design elements. Although some people do not consider the use of this style of light design suitable for every car, many people are interested in this type of lights. However, this design method shows that the car is newer.

Arizo 5 and Arizo 6 have a common foundation in terms of interior design as well as exterior. In the majority of the cabins of these two sedans, including their dashboard, there is no noticeable difference and the difference between them is summarized in a few limited cases. Arizo 6 has a steering wheel with a flat lower part, which is known as a di-cut, and we have seen it in many Chinese cars from the Iranian market. Apart from this, in this car behind the steering wheel there is a fully digital amp panel and the gear lever is electronic. All these things together give Arizo 6 a more updated look compared to Arizo 5.

Technical Specifications

Arizo 5 Type IE and Phoenix Arizo 6 Pro are both equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that can produce 147 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque. A continuously variable automatic transmission or CVT is responsible for transferring the power of this engine to the front wheels of these two Chinese sedans. Arizo 5 and Arizo 6 both have 10.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h with this engine. In terms of fuel consumption, it should be mentioned that both consume 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers in a combined cycle.

From a technical point of view, both sedans of car managers have no difference, at least on paper. Nevertheless, their ride will be satisfactory if the driver adjusts his expectations. The performance of the suspension system also receives a good score; However, the rear suspension system of these cars has caused a drop in their handling quality. In such a situation, the stability control system can play a useful role in improving car handling. Apart from this, the aforementioned CVT gearbox shows remarkable harmony with the engine. Weak acceleration of both cars can be expected at the beginning, but gradually it gets better.

Safety and welfare facilities and equipment

As Arizo 6 is a newer car than Arizo 5 and also belongs to Phoenix brand products, it benefits from more comfort and safety facilities. This Phoenix sedan is superior to Arizo 5 with full digital display, automatic air conditioning with air purification, electric adjustment of the driver’s seat, 360 degree camera, 10.25 inch touchscreen, front door lighting, remote engine start. It also has some safety features such as blind spot warning system, park departure warning and lane change warning, which are not found in Arizo 5.

Of course, both sedans are available with ABS brakes, electronic brake force distribution, traction control, electronic stability control and auxiliary braking and 6 airbags. Also, Arizo 5 has been able to receive 5 safety stars from C-NCAP and since Arizo 6 is also developed based on its platform, its performance is expected to be the same. In a word, it can be said that both cars have 5 star safety as their support. All in all, Arizo 6 Pro ranks higher than its family members in terms of features, both comfort and safety. Now, how effective these facilities are in choosing among them, depends on the customer.

Summarizing the comparison of Arizo 5 and Arizo 6 car managers

Arizo 5 and Arizo 6 are similar in many ways, including the technical specifications and the overall design of the cabin and the exterior. This makes the choice among them somewhat dependent on the buyer’s preferences. However, you can clearly see the more updated design of the exterior and interior of Arizo 6 Pro, as well as its more comfort and safety features. Arizo 5 cannot have the upper hand in these areas in competition with Arizo 6, but another determining factor that should be taken into account is the price difference.

In short, those who are willing to pay more for a sedan with a more updated design and a little more safety and comfort features should go for the Phoenix Arizzo 6 Pro. However, people who don’t care enough about the more up-to-date design to pay a higher price can safely choose the Arizo 5; Because, as you have seen, these two Chinese sedans of the product portfolio of the car managers company do not differ from each other in the field of technical specifications, including engine and gearbox.

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