Aston Martin DB12; Ferrari Roma killer with V8 AMG engine + video

04 June 1402 at 21:47

The Aston Martin DB12 is the latest masterpiece from the Brits that uses the V8 AMG engine and could end the Ferrari Roma’s reign. In the following, we will accompany you with technical specifications and beautiful pictures of Aston Martin DB12.

The era of 12-cylinder cars is over, but it seems that Aston Martin plans to keep their memory alive; Of course, at least by name! The Aston Martin DB12 aims to do exactly that and put all its rivals to shame with its 8-cylinder Mercedes-Benz AMG engine.

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Technical specifications of Aston Martin DB12

Hybrid and electric cars have conquered the world and even the Chinese with their electric sports cars BYD Young Wang U9 have entered this game. Fortunately, Aston Martin has not yet entered the world of electric vehicles and plans to use the V12 engine until 2026. While we were all waiting for the Aston Martin DB12 to come out with such an engine, suddenly everything changed and under the hood of this car, a 4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine from AMG was placed.

German monster with AMG and Aston Martin technology

Aston Martin DB12 sports car

On its best day, this German engine can produce 671 horsepower (at 6,000 RPM) and 800 Nm of torque (at 2,750 to 6,000 RPM). Any way we look at these numbers, the Aston Martin DB12 outperforms its predecessors, the Aston Martin DB11 AMR (with a V8 engine) and the Aston Martin DB11 (with a V12 engine). Even the Ferrari Roma with its twin-turbocharged V8 engine only has 611 horsepower.

Of course, after AMG was done with the engine, Aston Martins got down to business and made some major changes to the engine. For example, parts such as cam profiles have been improved and the compression ratio of the engine has been optimized. The British then went for the twin turbocharger system and two New turbo charge They gave a bigger diameter to this collection. The new turbocharger also requires a new cooling system, and for this reason, two new cooling systems have been added to this collection, and the Aston Martin DB12 currently 3 radiators has a separate

Of course, don’t think that Aston Martins are indifferent to nature, because from the engine to the exhaust, Four catalytic converters And several oxygen sensors are installed so that fuel consumption is extremely stable and optimal.

Formula one gearbox and the most advanced control systems

With this engine you can Multi-clutch automatic transmission Find out with the 8-speed shifter, which has a shift speed that doesn’t have the small shifter of a Formula One car. Thanks to this gearbox and AMG engine, the maximum speed of the Aston Martin DB12 is up to 325 km/h It goes up and across 3.5 seconds It reaches a speed of 100 km/h from a standstill.

When it comes to technology and sustainability, the Aston Martin DB12 is the first and last word. From stability control system to traction control, electronic control of brake pressure and brake force distribution, hydraulic assistance of brakes, advanced emergency and anti-lock braking, engine drag control system, torque vector control and precise torque control can be found in this car.

Advanced carbon ceramic brake system

To tame such a hornless giant, you need a big whip. Therefore, Aston Martin DB12 to the system 6-piston brake It is equipped with cooling discs whose dimensions reach 400 mm on the front axle and 360 mm on the rear axle. also Carbon ceramic brakes They are also given to buyers as an option, and you can choose red, black, black, silver or blue-green Aston Martini brake calipers.

In addition to these cases, in the rear axle and for the first time, the presence witness Electric differential We are on an Aston Martin DB, which can be locked or unlocked in a millisecond and surprise the driver when things get to critical points. The differential ratio in this part reaches 30.083:1, which if you are a bit technical, you will fully understand how serious the matter is.

Advanced suspension, smooth ride and professional steering

The suspension system uses the latest Aston Martin technology and hosts active and air suspension that can be adjusted in three modes: GT, Sport and Sport Plus. According to the designers and manufacturers, the Aston Martin DB12 ride is as smooth and comfortable as if you were sitting on an easy chair on a cruise ship; But you move at a speed of over 300 km/h! In short, the suspension of the front axle is of independent double wishbone type and active shock absorber, and the suspension is of multi-link type.

Add DTX and Skyhook smart aids to this system. This system can only be seen in world flagship sports cars like the Porsche 911 Carrera. The electric power steering with speed-sensitive system and rack and pinion steering (EPAS) is also here so that you don’t have any problem steering even at high speeds.

Appearance design and dimensions

The dimensions and size of Aston Martin DB12 include 4725 mm length, 2135 mm width and 1295 mm height, and its wheelbase reaches 2805 mm. The net weight of this car is only 1859 kg, and the weight distribution in the front and rear of the car is 45:52. The face and design of this car is exactly the famous signature of Aston Martin, which is also present in Aston Martin Vantage. The front window is limited to sports vents with 6 horizontal and parallel columns, and under the sports bumper will blow your mind.

Smart lights

LED lights also provide you with everything you want; From autolight to automatic high beam and rotation during rotation! At the rear, you’ll find Aston Martin’s new spoiler, known as the Aero Blade, which catches everyone’s eyes and ears, along with the active 2-channel exhaust system.

Dedicated rims and tires

The side view is equipped with 21-inch rims with 275/35ZR21 Michelin PS5 tires, which give way to Michelin Pilon Alpine 5 in winter. It is interesting to know that both of these tires, as exclusive Developed for Aston Martin. You can also choose the color of the rims from satin black, platinum and diamond black.

Cabin and dashboard design

The Aston Martin DB12’s cabin and dashboard are starkly different from its predecessor, the DB11. First of all, the many and crowded buttons of the cabin give you the feeling of being on a ship, and a 10.25-inch display is installed in the middle of the console to launch the rocket for you. Of course, although the sound of this rocket does not enter the cabin, the Aston Martin DB12 has an advanced audio system 11 speakers And the power of 390 watts is equipped to destroy the cabin.

Aston Martin DB12 price

At the moment, no news has been published about it, but considering this volume of features and considering the competitors, it can be said that the price of Aston Martin DB12 is at least from 229 thousand dollars Starts.

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