Automobile manufacturers’ disregard for the price approval of the Competition Council; The sale continues with the previous prices

31 May 1402 at 21:32

Automobile manufacturers still do not accept the price approval of the Competition Council. Companies like Bahman Motor and Car Managers still sell their products at high prices.

In recent times, the pricing of assembled cars of private companies has been one of the controversial topics in the Iranian car market. The story started when the support organization published the price list of 17 assembly cars some time ago, but the car manufacturers did not follow these new prices. Now, despite the emphasis on not changing the mentioned prices, the private car manufacturers Bahman Motor, Car Managers, Arin Motor and Kerman Motor have not been coordinated with the price approval of the Competition Council. These companies still sell their products with a significant price gap compared to council prices.

Car manufacturers still do not agree to the price approval of the Competition Council

Car manufacturers' disregard for the price approval of the Competition Council

First of all, the managers of Khodro and Arian Motor have recently sent invitations to the buyers of their products in the first stage of the integrated sales plan to complete the order, in which the fixed price of these companies is noticeable with a noticeable difference compared to the council price. This is despite the fact that before the buyers were in two ways as to whether they would get back their excess payment by announcing the new prices or not.

According to the recent announcement of car managers, MVM X22 Turbo IE will be available at a price of 870 million Tomans. A mid-range product like Arizo 6 Pro Excellent is priced at 1 billion 251 million Tomans. The new FX Premium crossover will be offered to customers at a price of 1 billion and 740 million tomans. Tigo 8 Pro has a price of 2 billion 269 million Tomans, and the price of Tigo 8 Pro Max IE, the flagship SUV of car managers, reaches 2 billion 690 million Tomans. Meanwhile, in the controversial list of assembly car prices, Arizo 6, MVM X22 and Tigo 8 Pro cars have a price of 1 billion 24 million 484 million Tomans and 1 billion 483 million Tomans, respectively.

On the other hand, Arian Motor announced the new price of the Lamari Ima crossover; If the Competition Council has not officially determined the price of this product and this company is not allowed to announce the new price at this time. According to Arin Motor’s announcement, Lamari Ima will be available to buyers at a price of 1 billion and 556 million tomans. With this action, crossover supplier Lamari Ima joins the group of companies that have shared their prices separately with customers.

Kerman Motor also did not go under the decision of the competition council by announcing its selected prices some time ago and has recently published a new official announcement about the prices announced by the council. The company announced in this announcement that if the Competition Council continues to insist on reducing the price of assembly products, it will stop the production of 4 cars whose prices have been determined. This company, like other private companies in the automobile field, claims that if it sells cars at the price considered by the Competition Council, it will incur a loss, and production and sale at a loss is not possible.

Bahman Motor does not consider the prices announced by the competition council to be justified and has set a higher price for its cars such as Dignity and Fidelity. Despite this, recently there were whispers about Bahman submitting to the Competition Council and, as a result, reducing the price of the company’s products. Finally, in response to this news, Bahman Motor stated that the prices proposed by the Competition Council are not accepted by any of the private car manufacturers. He also mentioned that no official announcement has been published by the council or the responsible authorities.

At the current stage, there is a difference between the Competition Council, the Ministry of Security, and private companies regarding the pricing of assembled cars. In this situation, there is talk of re-examination of prices and the Competition Council claims that the price of assembled cars will not change. We have to wait and see how the pricing issue of assembly machines will be resolved. At least for now, it seems that private car manufacturers do not intend to compromise with the Competition Council on the issue of car prices.

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