Beats Studio Buds Plus wireless headphones were introduced with a stunning design

29 May 1402 at 18:27

Apple unveiled Beats Studio Buds Plus wireless headphones. The new Beats headphones have a beautiful design and offer much better sound quality with significant hardware changes.

Previously, Apple released the Beats Studio Buds wireless headphones, and now it’s time to introduce its new generation. Maybe Beats Studio Buds Plus is not different from the previous generation in terms of appearance; But the manufacturer has tried its best to make it look much better by adding new features.

Beats Studio Buds Plus; Longer battery life, better sound, higher quality

Beats Studio Buds Plus

Apple will also release its new earphones in a transparent version. A design that may remind you of earphones or the phone of Nutting Company. Of course, there are definitely people who don’t like transparent design, and Apple has prepared two cream and matte black models for them. Bates emphasized in the announcement of Buds Plus Studio that 95% of the internal parts of this gadget are new. For example, the microphones have been enlarged up to 3 times and the microphone port has been redesigned to improve the sound quality.

Like the previous generation, Beats Studio Buds+ wireless headphones come with IPX4 certification, which means that they are resistant to sweat and water drops, and athletes can safely use them during training. Apple has also introduced a very small series to complement the previous small, medium and large models and make the new headphones suitable for a wider range of ears.

In previous models, the b button on the AirPods had different uses. Now Apple has redesigned them in such a way that the amount of accidental calls is reduced and also the user gets a better feeling when working with it. Naturally, this button still provides media control. In such a way that a single tap will stop the playing file, a double tap will go forward, and a triple tap will go backward.

Users can also toggle between active noise cancellation and clear audio modes by holding down the b button. Of course, you can also customize this mode to activate Apple’s voice assistant or adjust the volume. According to the user’s choice, the call can be ended with one or two taps.

In addition to the mentioned items, Beats Studio Buds Plus wireless headphones also support spatial sound in Apple Music. However, there is no news about the different surround sound capabilities of Beats Fit Pro and some AirPods models. Interestingly, Apple did not use its H1 or H2 chips in this product, and instead we see the presence of the second generation of Bites’ exclusive platform.

Of course, this platform can also provide many exclusive features of Apple chips, such as Hey Siri, the possibility of automatically changing the device through iCloud, and Find My. Also, this gadget is suitable for Android devices by providing features such as support for Find My Device, pairing with a contact and automatic pairing with all devices connected to a Google account.

Apple claims that the Beats Studio Buds Plus is twice as clear as the previous generation and 1.6 times better in terms of active noise cancellation. This gadget can also correct the sound problems caused by using these two modes. In fact, an external microphone and secondary filter evaluate the audio data up to 50,000 times per second to ensure that the sound is played correctly and accurately.

Although Apple has used larger microphones in these wireless headphones, it has also prepared machine learning to identify all types of sounds in crowded environments and provide the best possible quality. Fortunately, we have seen a significant improvement in battery life, and now Beats Studio Buds Plus can last up to 9 hours (without active noise cancellation and clear sound mode). The corresponding case also increases the battery life to 36 hours.

However, if you enable noise cancellation or clear sound mode, the battery life of the AirPods itself will decrease to 6 hours, and the case can buy you 18 hours more time. After this period, you can charge your AirPods with a USB-C cable. This will take about 2 hours. However, you can use it for up to 1 hour with just 5 minutes of charging. Unfortunately, Beats Studio Buds Plus does not support wireless charging.

In the end, it should be said that Apple has set a price of $170 for the new Beats Studio AirPods.

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