Blue Nissan is exported from Iran to Africa

blue nissan

Zamiad Company plans to produce Nissan Zamiad Extended Cab van with right-hand drive and export it to the African market.

The news indicates that Zamiad company has started the design project of the new version of Zamiad Z24 van called Extend Cab and plans to produce it on a trial basis from the middle of this year.

Export of blue Nissan from Iran to Africa

Zamiad Company has put the production of Zamiad Extend Cab on its agenda with the aim of increasing the comfort of the driver and passenger, and in this regard, it plans to increase the length of the cabin. In addition, the interior trim of this van will also experience changes including the installation of passenger seats with seat-level console, roof and floor covers.

Also, the news indicates that Saipa plans to export it to some African countries by making changes such as installing the steering wheel on the right side of the car.

Zamiyad pickup truck pickup

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