cars that do not die; 10 cars that work for their owners for years

May 27, 1402 at 20:03

Here we are going to review some of the most durable cars in history; Cars that still work without any problems after many years of being on the market!

People who intend to buy a second-hand car have a difficult choice to make. The reason is that these people are usually unaware of the history of the car’s previous owners, and that’s why they may not get a very good car in the end!

For this reason, logic dictates that by choosing a durable and high-quality car, we increase the chances of having a healthy used car!

For this reason, in the continuation of this text, we will introduce some of the most durable cars in history, which can work for many years without the slightest problem for their owners.

The most durable cars in history with an incredible lifespan

Citroën 2CV

Citroen 2 CV

Rough price: 12 thousand dollars

Citroen 2CV car is known as the spiritual father of Xian car, which is very famous in our country!

This car is a French hero in every sense, thanks to the wonderful suspension system that can withstand even the heaviest earthquakes without the slightest problem, and completely erases the bitter memory of previous French cars from the minds.

Currently, a 1986 Citroen 2CV car can be found for approximately eleven thousand dollars in the market of some countries! This issue alone is enough to prove the durability and strength of this car!

In addition to its extraordinary durability, the two-cylinder engine of this car also has a special design and is considered one of the prominent examples of classic French design in the world of cars.

Lexus LS400

Rough price: 10 thousand dollars

Lexus LS 400 is an example of one of the cars whose purchase and maintenance costs are very small and can work for you for years without the need to go to the repair shop even once.

Currently, the 1993 model of this car can be purchased for less than ten thousand dollars, and it is considered an ideal option for people who are looking for the most durable car possible with the lowest cost.

Of course, when you buy a car that was made thirty years ago, you should not expect a new product from it. Therefore, even if you buy the world’s most durable cars thirty years later, you should still pay attention to the principles of daily maintenance and checking.

At the same time, the Lexus LS400 is one of those cars that is almost crash-proof and immortal and can still work for you in another thirty years!

Volvo P1800

Rough price: 20 thousand dollars

To understand the incredible durability of the Volvo P1800, we have to introduce you to Iro Gordon!

He is the person who traveled about 5.15 million kilometers with this legendary car from 1966 when he bought a Volvo P1800 until his death at the age of 77!

For comparison, it is not bad to know that this distance is equal to seven trips from the earth to the moon, which brought him the extraordinary and unrepeatable average travel record of 99,000 kilometers per year!

These incredible numbers not only make Gordon one of the most loyal people in history to a car, but also make the name of Volvo P1800 as one of the most durable cars in history and perhaps the most durable!

This record is recorded in the name of Gordon and the P1800, except for periodic repairs to maintain the car, he only had to overhaul the engine twice during the entire time he owned this car.

It seems that no car in history will be able to reach even one hundred miles of this eternal P1800 record!

Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124

price range: 10 thousand dollars

Although modern Mercedes-Benz cars are the epitome of German automotive technology and craftsmanship, none of them are as durable as older Mercedes-Benz models.

One of the top models made by Mercedes-Benz in this field is the W124 E-Class series, which is famous for its ability to work smoothly for long periods of time!

This car was built from 1986 to 1996 as a symbol of the optimal and minimal design of Mercedes-Benz and sold a total of 2.5 million units in various classes of convertible, coupe (two doors) and sedan.

The ten-year presence of this car in the production line, unlike our country, is considered a wonderful record in other parts of the world. Interestingly, this car can still be seen in many parts of the world, which is busy giving its owners a ride!

Many of these models are now experiencing nearly 200,000 kilometers of operation!

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Rough price: 50 thousand dollars

It may be strange for many car enthusiasts that an Alfa Romeo is included in the list of the most durable cars in history. However, it must be admitted that the Giulietta Quadrifolio model is a really durable car!

This model was launched in the summer of 2015 as a competitor to German products such as BMW 3 and Audi RS 5, and despite the fact that it is not as popular as its German competitors, it has managed to establish itself well. All together as a super reliable and tough car.

Of course, in addition to its exemplary durability, this car has a lot to say in many other areas, and even after about eight years of its release, it continues to receive very positive reviews.

It is not bad to know that another model of Alfa Romeo Giulia called GTAm is also considered a great sports sedan for driving enthusiasts.

Honda Civic EK9

Rough price: 35 thousand dollars

Perhaps a Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Impreza or even a Honda S2000 can be expected in this list. But it is a bit difficult to imagine that a Honda Civic would be among the most durable cars in the world.

At the same time, Civic EK9 is considered one of the most reliable Japanese cars that never achieved what it was supposed to!

Look at this car from any aspect, you are dealing with one of the best Japanese cars in history, which despite its looks and more youthful and sporty design, is still considered a Civic and offers the same capabilities and capabilities as other members of this family.

In general, the performance and durability of the Honda Civic family of cars has been completely proven, and the EK9 is one of the most obvious examples of this.

Land Rover Series III

Rough price: 15 thousand dollars

The name Land Rover automatically evokes very high durability and strength in the mind.

The flagship of this company’s products is the classic Defender model, which is considered a monster in every sense of the word and is able to cross all the mountains, hills, plains and even the densest forests with ease.

However, if we were to choose a durable product from this well-known brand, we would go for Series 3 products!

These cars today, considering their many features, have a reasonable price and can even now be a suitable and safe option for those who are interested in off-road and cargo vehicles.

Volkswagen Beetle

Rough price: 13 thousand dollars

Volkswagen Beetle, known in our country as Volkswagen Beetle, dates back to 1938.

What made this car one of the most durable cars in history is the simplicity of its design.

The Volkswagen Beetle uses the minimum number of electrical elements, and therefore its failure rate is very low; Because one of the most important reasons for the failure of modern cars is the presence of too many electrical parts in them, which increases the need for periodic repairs.

This car does not have a cylinder head gasket, cooling pipes and hoses, and there is not even a pump in it! Therefore, the simple design of this classic car has nothing to spoil.

This extraordinary reliability, along with some other capabilities, have made the famous and beloved Volkswagen Frog change the world’s automotive industry forever.

Ford Crown Victoria

Rough price: 10 thousand dollars

You must have seen in many movies of the 90s and 2000s that the police cars are generally Ford Crown Victoria cars. In addition, almost all American taxis at that time were the same car, and this proves its high durability during its long twenty-year life.

The Ford Crown Victoria uses a 4.6-liter V8 engine that has also been used in some of Ford’s most memorable cars.

Although no official test of the durability of this car has been published yet, its long-term presence in the service of jobs such as police and taxi can be a good indication of its high durability.

Toyota Land Cruiser 100-Series

Rough price: 15 thousand dollars

The very high durability of Toyota cars does not need to be praised; So that almost all people who have dealt with these cars believe that Toyota cars are almost immortal!

One of the most obvious examples to show the durability and strength of Toyota cars was seen in the “Killing a Toyota” video; Where the presenters of Top Gear traveled to the North Pole with a Hilux and even drove an active volcano with a Land Cruiser!

Along with Hilux cars, Toyota also had another trump card called Land Cruiser, which in different generations gradually directed the work policy of this brand and brought this Japanese car manufacturer to the position it is today.

Today, the Toyota Land Cruiser series is by far the most reliable SUV on the market.

In this context, Toyota believes that it considers a useful life of 25 years for each Land Cruiser car. However, considering what we’ve seen of these cars to date, the actual lifespan of these products is much longer than 25 years.

What do you think about the list of the most durable cars in history? Which car do you see empty in this list?

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