Cash sales conditions of Bahman Motor in June 1402; Supply of Kara and Capra vans with a new price

Cash sale conditions of Bahman Motor

The cash sale conditions of Bahman Motor were announced in June 1402. In this Capra design, Bahman Motor sells single-cabin and double-cabin Kara vans.

Bahman Motor Company, in continuation of its plan to sell its products with a fixed price and an immediate delivery date, plans to sell Capra, Kara single-cabin and double-cabin cars from Tuesday, June 2nd to June 4th, 1402, online through the network of dealers across the country. market supply. In the following, you can see the details of the sales conditions of these cars:

Cash sale conditions of Bahman Motor – June 1402

In this design, single cab car van with price 448 million tomansDouble cabin van with price 469 million tomans And capra with price 949 million tomans They are offered to customers in white. The delivery date of these cars has been announced in the second week of July 1402.

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