Comparison of Cadillac and Renault L90; What is the difference between the Iranian L90 and the previous version?

30 May 1402 at 20:21

Saipa Cadila as Iranian Renault L90 will soon be released to the Iranian market, but what is the difference between Saipa Cadila and Iranian L90?

Saipa Automotive Group has developed the P90 project based on the first generation of Logan and plans to soon launch it under the name Cadila to the Iranian market. In this regard, we intend to compare this new product of Saipa, which is actually the Iranian L90, with Tander 90 in terms of design, technical specifications, and level of facilities.

Comparison of Cadillac and Renault L90

Exterior design


Saipa designers completely redesigned the front and rear of Logan and were able to distinguish these two cars from each other and create a more modern appearance. In the front view of Cadila, a completely new set including grille, lights and bumper can be seen, which has been able to create a more attractive appearance than Logan.

Of course, the new front view is not compatible with the side view; Because the designers did not consider any changes for this part and it is completely similar to Logan. In fact, in this section, the designers did not even change the side mirrors and the same Thunder Plus mirrors can be seen.

For the rear view, the designers considered new lights that extend to the trunk door and create a modern appearance. Also, in this section, the designers redesigned the shield with a large part of black plastic.

The changes intended for the rear part are more compatible with the front view and have been able to create a more attractive view than the L90, but still the lack of coordination of the front and rear views with the side view has made this car have a big weakness in the design. .

interior design

Saipa has not considered many changes in the interior for Cadila, unlike the exterior. In fact, in this car, we see the same dashboard and roads of Thunder Plus. Among the changes that Saipa has considered in this section, we can mention the new amp screen, the new and digital control system of the ventilation system, as well as the touch screen.

In general, Saipa has not been able to destroy the old atmosphere of Logan by making minor changes in Cadila. Meanwhile, the interior design of Thunder 90 was considered one of the biggest weaknesses of this car and had discouraged many from buying it, but Saipa did not pay attention to this issue and now the same big flaw exists in Cadila.

It should be mentioned that Saipa has announced that the automatic version of Cadila will be equipped with a serious dashboard and wheels, but the current version of this car cannot even compete with competitors such as Peugeot 207.

Comfort and safety facilities

Compared to L90, Saipa Cadila has improved in terms of features. Among the features of the manual version of Cadila, we can mention the control buttons on the steering wheel, hill start assist system, automatic air conditioning, tire pressure monitoring system, electric windows and side mirrors, touch screen, camera and reverse gear sensor, daylight and artificial leather upholstery. .

According to Saipa, the steering wheel of this car has been upgraded from hydraulic to electric, and although the rear brakes are still cup type, it is possible to install stability control and traction control systems on the Cadillac. In addition, the automatic version of this car will be equipped with more features such as a new dashboard, sunroof, push button start and cruise control.

Technical specifications of Cadila and L90

Saipa company has considered the new ME16 engine for Cadila, which is a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine with variable valve timing technology and can produce 115 horsepower and 147 Nm of torque. On the other side, Logan is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine with 105 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque, such figures show that the Cadila engine will be stronger, but its quality and capability must be determined over time.

A 5-speed manual transmission 5F18, which is considered as the best transmission available in-house, will also transfer the power generated from the engine to the wheels. In addition, Saipa will consider DAE’s 6-speed automatic transmission for the Cadila automatic version. Meanwhile, the automatic version of the Thunder 90 was equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

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