Conditions of sale of dump trucks and pickup trucks, Tanland Photon, Iran Khodro Diesel, in June 1402

Iran Khodro Diesel

Pre-sale conditions of Iran Khodro Diesel Dump Trucks and Tanland Foton automatic pickups were announced in Khordad 1402.

On the occasion of the beginning of the decade of dignity and the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr, Iran Khodro Diesel Company plans to pre-sell 1924 and 2624 dump trucks and Tanland Photon automatic pickups to customers. In the following, you can see the details of the sales conditions of these products:

New sales conditions of Iran Khodro Diesel – June 1402

Applicants can apply for online pre-sale of dump trucks 1924 and 2624 from the site at 10 AM on Tuesday, June 2, 1402. Also, it will be possible to order Tanland Photon automatic pickup from 10:00 am on Wednesday, June 3, 1402, only through the sales website of this company at esale.ikd.ir. Applicants can get more information by referring to authorized agencies and the website of this company.

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