Definition of the perfect man from the point of view of artificial intelligence + image

04 June 1402 at 07:30

If you are curious about what artificial intelligence defines a perfect man, you can see images of ideal men produced by AI below.

These days, as the fever of artificial intelligence is getting hotter, various images created by artificial intelligence are being circulated on the internet; From amazing artistic images to photos that make people laugh the most. The recent output of some AI-based photo generator tools has a different message about the ideal man. Recently, a group called Bulimia Project, which works in the field of informing about a particular eating disorder, tried an interesting idea; To see what artificial intelligence-based image production tools define a perfect man?

The perfect man in social networks in terms of artificial intelligence

The definition of a perfect and ideal man from the point of view of artificial intelligence

The mentioned group asked the famous tools such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and Dall-E 2, which convert text into images, for the image of the ideal man in 2023 according to the criteria of social networks. As you can see, these tools have provided unrealistic images of a perfect man, and according to this group, these images are more reminiscent of “Photoshopped versions of bodybuilders” than the real man.

The Bulimia Project team says that 40% of AI-generated images show unrealistic bodies. Also, in 53% of the images, green skin color was observed and in 37% of the images, blonde hair color was observed. As in the past traces of gender or racial orientations were seen in artificial intelligence tools, here too these tools tend to show unrealistic bodies of men. Of course, with social media promoting unrealistic standards, it’s no surprise that AI-based tools provide such images of the perfect man.

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