Details of the auction of 3 thousand 584 foreign cars at the country’s customs

03 June 1402 at 18:41

The auction of 3584 foreign cars in the customs continues until the middle of June. Read on for more details about this great foreign car auction.

Sahib Hojjati, the deputy official of the Property Organization, recently informed that from the beginning of June to the 14th of this month, the auction of 3584 foreign cars will be held at the customs. He also specified the exact number of light, heavy cars, etc. out of a total of several thousand cars auctioned and shared other details related to this auction.

Auction of thousands of foreign cars in June

Details of foreign car auction at customs

Hojjati announced that the applicants will be able to visit the auction cars until Sunday, June 14, and finally, on Wednesday, June 17, the winners of the auction will be determined. According to Hojjati, the exact number of cars in the big foreign car auction is as follows:

  • 2897 light vehicles
  • 300 heavy vehicles
  • 369 vehicles/road construction equipment
  • 18 agricultural machinery

It is possible for natural and legal persons and government agencies to participate in the auction of 3584 foreign vehicles. Applicants must have a token to register their request and participate in this auction. In addition, they are required to pay 15% of the proposed amount as a guarantee to register the request.

In addition, during the opening ceremony of the Mubarakabad property warehouse, the deputy official of the Property Organization said about the concern of this organization to organize warehouses and abandoned goods, as well as pay attention to the protection of the property of Bethalmal. He stated that during the previous year, they have taken care of the goods in the property warehouses in all parts of the country.

According to Hojjati’s announcement, the duty of goods worth 31 thousand billion Tomans has been identified and there has been a 450% increase in sales and a 1205% increase in the return of goods. This official of the property organization mentioned the destruction of several American cars, which was avoided before. The start of the integrated property acquisition system after several years of inactivity was another part of his speech.

Hojjati also announced that the property organization has 80 warehouses and 144 sheds and noted that in order to protect Bait-ul-Mal, it will be necessary to increase the number of warehouses. In fact, despite the increase of 56,000 square meters of property storage space, there is still room for warehouse expansion.

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