Dongfeng concept pickup; The strangest Chinese van with spatial design + video

26 May 1402 at 15:28

Dongfeng Concept pickup – Dongfeng Concept pickup at the Shanghai 2023 exhibition depicts the power of the Chinese in drawing the future. In the following, we will accompany you with the beautiful pictures of this car and its video.

Shanghai Auto Show 2023 hosted the strangest Chinese vans. From the off-road Foton Mars to the 6-wheeled monster of the Great Wall, all of them made ugly and old Chinese vans disappear from the minds of the people of the world. For example, see the Dongfeng Rich pickup and look again at these cars we mentioned; Do you think Chinese designers and engineers do not deserve respect and encouragement? Next, we will go to one of Dong Feng’s masterpieces, which is not only worthy of respect, but just the distance between its axes will make your jaw drop.

Dongfeng Concept Pickup at Shanghai 2023 Expo

What is the biggest drawback of vans in the market? Either their cargo space is small or the cabin space. Dongfeng company tries to solve both problems with its new platform. This platform, on Skate chassis (Skateboard Chassis) that allows designers to have the most space possible.

Dongfeng concept pickup

Just look at the angle of the windshield and the shape of the C-pillar (the last pillar of the car); Do you think that the cargo space and cabin volume in this car will increase? Of course not.

Stunning wheelbase

The more the distance between the axles in a car, the more the cabin space will be, and also in some cases (if the technical standards are met), the control and stability of the car will also increase. The axles of the Dongfeng concept pickup have been angry with each other as far as possible!

Advantages of skateboard chassis in Dongfeng concept van

In addition to the large cabin and cargo space, the skateboard chassis allows the Dongfeng Concept Van to have a one-piece cabin. This means that the cargo space and the cabin are connected to each other, and this increases the strength of the car.

Lots of space for stuff

The Dongfeng concept pickup, which was presented at the Shanghai China Auto Show, is an all-electric car and because it does not have many mechanical parts and space, it can give its empty spaces to the driver. For example, under the hood of this car, there is an empty space with a capacity of 25 liters for the driver. You can also find Dongfeng’s special tool box in the side of the car.

Using the latest Dongfeng technologies

At the moment, we don’t know much about the technical specifications of the Dongfeng concept pickup, but we can get good information by looking at the appearance of this pickup truck. For example, in the Dongfeng concept pickup, the latest generation of Dongfeng side mirrors with cameras (aka Dongfeng Vision) are used, which simultaneously act as a side mirror, 360-degree camera and blind spot radar.

Also, the light system of this car consists of Super LED, which is brighter than normal LED. Aerodynamic rims and pop-out door handles are also among the important elements in the design of the Dongfeng concept pickup.

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