Edifyer unveiled W820NB Plus Bluetooth headphones with noise canceling capabilities

As a manufacturer of low-cost audio products, Edifyr company has its latest Bluetooth headphones named W820NB Plus unveiled This company recently introduced the M330 Bluetooth multi-functional speaker in China.

Specifications of Edifier W820NB plus headphones

This headphone offers good features for music lovers, movie lovers and gamers, which includes advanced Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Wireless Audio technologies.

Edifier W820NB Plus uses 40 mm dynamic drivers with titanium composite diaphragm cover and is able to provide very accurate sound in all frequency ranges. The support of the LDAC codec will ensure high-quality audio streaming in this headphone, and it will also be possible to pair it with other devices through Bluetooth 5.0 connection and USB cable connection.

This headphone has a long battery life, and if the active noise canceling function is off, it can last up to 49 hours with a single charge, and up to 42 hours if the said function is on. This feature will be great for users who travel long distances or use their headphones for long periods of time. It will also be possible to personalize the equalizer and adjust the sounds in it through the Edifier Connect application.

Gamers will experience very low latency in these headphones, which is something like 0.08 seconds. This feature will lead to a great gaming experience without any noticeable lag. Phone calls will also be very clear thanks to the DNN noise canceling technology and there will be no background noise during calls.

The active noise canceling feature of this headphone can remove sounds up to 43 dB, and this feature will make users enjoy listening to music in crowded environments. Other specifications of W820NB Plus include support for Bluetooth 5.0, frequency response in the range of 20-40 Hz, sensitivity up to 100 dB and impedance of 32 ohms, which will lead to stable communication, rich sound reproduction and compatibility with various devices.

This bluetooth headphone weighs only 320 grams and is very comfortable to wear. Its headbands are adjustable and its cups fit well on the ears.

Edifier W820NB plus price and release time

These headphones are now at the price 80 dollars It is available and due to its great features and specifications, it is considered a very good option to buy.

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