Enter the world of 8K with Samsung Neo QLED TVs

May 26, 1402 at 08:28

Samsung Neo QLED TVs take you to the world of 8K. In the following, you will get to know the features of this Samsung TV series.

From the old times when people sat together in public places and looked at the black and white images of the magic box, to today when everyone has tens of inches televisions in their homes and watch colorful and beautiful images, televisions have come a long and exciting way. They started and now they have become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. In these years, the producers of televisions have made all their efforts to bring real and beautiful images to your ears and in this way, they have produced and offered various models and series.

The production and supply of 4K TVs was a big step taken in this way; But now 8K TVs have arrived to take a bigger step to show reality to users. From 2006 to today, the Korean company Samsung has been able to win the first rank of the best producer of the global TV market for seventeen years. This company launched its first LED TVs in 2009 and in the second decade of the new century, it continued to advance in the global TV market with the release of QLED TVs.

Very high-quality images and 100% color volume made QLED TVs quickly become the center of attention. A year after the release of these new TVs, Samsung launched the 8K version of its QLED TV. These TVs used a new technology called Direct Full Array, by which a direct light from the background controlled the light balance in all parts of the image on the screen. 8K AI Upscaling technology was also used in this series of TVs, which made images with lower quality up to 8K resolution with the help of artificial intelligence. So these TVs ushered in the 8K era.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs

This year, Samsung released new models of the Neo QLED 8K TV series to take another big step towards achieving the dream of “reality display”, which may seem unattainable. The 2023 model of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV series uses the Neural Quantum processor to improve image quality, which is capable of supporting Quantum Mini LED-lit TV technology with fourteen-bit processing and AI Upscaling artificial intelligence technology.

Artificial intelligence technology in these TVs helps to instantly convert standard or SDR images into high resolution or HDR images. In this way, artificial intelligence analyzes the SDR content scene by scene to finally display brighter and more vivid images. In the continuation of this article, we are going to take a look at the attractive features of these televisions and examine the design and construction stages from the language of the producers and developers of this television.

A look at the technologies of Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs

Realizing better quality by analyzing human behavior

Samsung continues to strive for exceptional quality and delivery; But what is the meaning of extraordinary quality in the end? Yang Suk Han, as one of the people working on the development of this concept at Samsung, said in this regard:

The quality of an image is good when it conveys a sense of reality to the viewer. High levels of components such as clarity, brightness and color expression are essential to ensure quality. The balance of advanced technologies such as chip design and algorithms to increase image quality and sound are also important and influential components in this regard.

This Samsung developer emphasizes that image quality cannot be developed with just one technology; That’s why Samsung always strives to develop new features, capabilities and technologies and is committed to this innovation through different approaches. One of these modern features is the Real Depth Enhancer technology in Neo QLED 2023 TVs, which is presented with a distinctive approach and has a significant impact on quality improvement.

When your eye focuses on an object, the amount of focus will be increased by optimizing the resolution and texture quality of the subject while preserving the background image. Real Depth Enhancer technology understands this human behavior and has been developed accordingly. Therefore, this technology, with the help of artificial intelligence, automatically separates an object from the background of the image so that the images stand out more realistically and create a greater sense of depth.

Quantum matrix technology or Neo Quantum Matrix Pro is another technology that is present in these TVs and through the precise control of small quantum LEDs, it improves the display of details and increases the sense of reality on the screen. The Real Depth Enhancer technology also strengthens the contrast of the subject in the foreground and increases the depth of the image so that the content you see is like a real life scene in front of your eyes. This technology is the result of optimization of all relevant technologies that focus on human psychological issues and understanding user behavior instead of focusing on improving resolution.

8K games and artwork on your Samsung TV screen

How much of the diverse content that surrounds humanity today is released with 8K quality? Sang Min Lee, head of Samsung’s Image Quality Solutions Lab, said in this regard that with the development of 8K devices such as smartphones, everyone can now create 8K content and view it in super definition. Additionally, there are now high-performance graphics cards that allow devices to run 8K games well. So now we live in the age of 8K UHD.

Sangmin Lee believes that there is an increasing amount of 8K content on social networks, and artists are also creating 8K digital artwork. Samsung added this level of quality on the YouTube platform to its Neo QLED 2023 TVs so that you can easily view 8K content on YouTube on your TV and enjoy digital artwork in NFT format.

Samsung is at the head of the 8K Association as a global non-profit organization established in 2019 with the aim of creating standards and expanding 8K content, and intends to expand the ecosystem of this quality level of images. Currently, there are 33 members in this forum, one of which is Samsung, and TV panel manufacturers, SoC chip makers, and content producers are other members of this forum. Last year, Samsung developed a teaser of the new Lord of the Rings series called The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in cooperation with another community member, Amazon Prime Video, and released it in 8K quality.

All these efforts and actions have made Samsung to design, produce and supply televisions that use image quality improvement algorithms and powerful sound performance to present real and impressive images in front of people in any space and time.

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