Fake Viral Photos People Believed Were Real

Bear Chasing National Geographic Photographers

A photo showing a bear chasing a group of National Geographic photographers would send shivers down anyone’s spine. Just imagining being in such a dangerous situation is terrifying. But since we have already proved there’s no point in believing everything you see online, you can stop feeling bad about these photographers,s since the bear in the photo is actually captured in a stock photo that can be easily found online.

Perfect Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular clouds are already pretty cool as they are, and there is no need for excessive photoshop to make them look better. Unfortunately, the author of the photoshopped version didn’t really think that way. Well, we guess the whole internet didn’t think that way, since the fake photo became a desktop of choice for many people.

Bear Chasing A Cycler

Even though a photo of a bear chasing a cyclist will have a far bigger effect on you than a photo of a bear running through an empty street, luckily, nobody was harmed in the making of this photo. Although there’s not much information about the original photo, it is believed the photo was taken Yellowstone National Park.

Photo Of The Space Shuttle

A magnificent photo of a space shuttle once again fooled many people and it quickly became a popular image to share online. What bothered many people is the need to even photoshop the image since the original one is already really cool as it is.

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