First Companion unveiled special packages for Hajj Tamattu 1402

01 June 1402 at 19:24

Mobile First operator considered special packages for Hajj Tamattu 1402 for the well-being of its subscribers who are planning to go to Saudi Arabia.

For its subscribers who plan to travel to Saudi Arabia, in addition to the appropriate tariff for pilgrims and staff members of Hajj Tamattu 1402, Mobile First operator has also considered roaming tariffs so that they can travel during the Hajj without getting a SIM card and paying foreign exchange fees. Enjoy communication services.

Special packages for Hajj Tamattu 1402 first companion

In this regard, Companion First announced by publishing an announcement that according to the agreement it made with Saudi operators, all subscribers, both permanent and credit, can enjoy calls and data at a very reasonable price and even better than Arab SIM cards. In addition, subscribers can use a good amount of data by spending very little money. In addition, for the first time, 5G service has been provided for pilgrims and subscribers can benefit from high-speed internet.

Among the packages provided by the first companion for the days of Hajj, there is a 60-day discounted international internet package that users can easily purchase from various portals. Also, pilgrims can buy it from Iran before the trip without worrying about the expiration date of the package.

First Companion has also provided a package with unlimited volume for 90 days, along with 150 minutes of conversation and 150 roaming gift SMS for use in Saudi Arabia, for caravan managers and Hajj and Hajj headquarters.

Also, since some social networks inside the country have restrictions and pilgrims need to talk, the first companion for these subscribers is a weekly Hajj roaming package with 70 minutes of conversation and 70 free text messages for subscribers who need to call Iran or from Iran. have presented.

In addition, those pilgrims who intend to use cost-effective packages of international internet and mobile phone calls during their trip, can choose from among the 4 considered packages by dialing the command code “Star 10 Star 2913 Star 5 Square” of the desired package. to buy In this regard, the first mobile operator has considered the following packages for its permanent and credit subscribers who want to travel to Saudi Arabia:

  • Special package of 1.5 GB international internet for 60 days of Hajj (special for Saudi Arabia) for 280 thousand tomans
  • Hajj 3 GB weekly international internet package with a gift of 5 minutes of conversation and 5 SMS at the price of 440 thousand tomans
  • 90-day unlimited Hajj international internet package with a gift of 150 minutes of calls and 150 SMS for 1 million and 840 thousand tomans
  • The package of 70 minutes of weekly conversation along with 70 gift SMS for the price of 340 thousand Tomans

According to the agreements made by the first mobile operator, the subscribers of this operator will have the advantage of reducing the free tariff rate in Hajj Tamattu 1402. In this regard, the tariff for the free use of the roaming service has been considered with a discount compared to the previous price, the details of which are as follows:

  • 9000 tomans per minute of conversation with Iran or Saudi lines
  • 9000 tomans per minute of calls received from Iran
  • 3000 tomans per SMS to Iran lines
  • 2000 tomans per megabyte of internet

Also, this operator reduced the rate of international calls with first mobile lines to 9000 thousand tomans per minute, taking into account the preferential price, so that families can communicate with Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Subscribers who intend to use Hajj roaming packages must activate the international roaming service by dialing the command code “Star 10 Star 2911 Square” before traveling. With the activation of this service, receiving banking SMS will be free and they will also have access to my mobile portal for free. Pilgrims can pay bills and buy top-up using the USSD command code as well as “Hamrah Man” and “Uano” applications.

In addition, you can buy special Hajj packages for yourself or the intended pilgrim by visiting the “Hamrah Man Online Store” or the “Hamrah Man” application. Users can get complete information about Hajj packages, free tariff rates and rules for using the packages by referring to the page of Hajj Mobile First campaign at https://mci.ir/haj.

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