From what age should we get mobile phones for children?

Today, the use of mobile devices in society is recognized as a basic need. But at the same time, many parents with questions like “At what age should we get mobile phones for children?” are facing

This is a valid question, because parents have to make the best decision for their children’s health and development, and with this sensitivity, buying a mobile device for a child can be a difficult decision.

In this article, the appropriate age for buying a mobile device for children is examined. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile devices for children of different ages will be examined, along with important points and rules that parents should follow before buying a mobile device for their children. By reading this article, parents can make the right decision for the health and development of their children.

From what age should we get mobile phones for children?

Suitable age for Buying a mobile phone For children, it depends on the level of development and ability of the child to use technology. While some children can work with mobile phones at a younger age, others may need more learning to be able to work with this technology.

In general, it is better that children do not have direct access to mobile phones before the age of 12. However, if you are looking to buy a mobile phone for your child, you can choose a phone with usage restrictions (such as reducing usage time, filtering harmful content, etc.) or look for a phone with parental controls. Also, you can teach your child how to use mobile and tell him what content he should not search on the internet.

Why are phones prohibited for children under 2 years old?

Phones are not recommended for children under 2 years old because at this age, the child’s brain is still developing and this period of life is very sensitive and important. Excessive use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets may lead to excessive stimulation of the child’s brain, which causes problems such as sleep disorders, reduced ability to concentrate and pay attention, reduced ability to learn and impaired social interaction.

In addition, children under 2 are still learning basic skills such as interacting with other people, playing, moving, and counting. Excessive use of electronic devices can reduce the child’s interaction with the surrounding environment and delay the learning of basic skills.

Therefore, it is recommended that children under 2 years of age avoid using phones and tablets and instead do constructive and educational activities such as playing with simple toys and interacting with other people.

Limited use of parents’ mobile phones by children aged 4 to 6 years

It is recommended that children between 4 and 6 years old use their parents’ mobile phones. At this age, children should play more and do activities that are necessary for the development of social, mental and motor skills. For this reason, the use of mobile phones and tablets should not be allowed to become the main activity of the child.

But in some situations, it may be necessary for the child to use the parent’s cell phone. In these cases, it is better to limit the use of the mobile and let the child only use it for a short time. Also, it is best for parents to use child-friendly apps and filter apps that may contain inappropriate content.

In addition, parents should teach their children how to use mobile phones and tell them what content they should not look for on the Internet. Also, parents should continuously plan constructive and educational activities for their children to feel its positive impact on their children’s growth and development.

Shared mobile phone for children 7 to 10 years old

Using a shared mobile phone for children between 7 and 10 years old can be a good way to reduce family expenses and allow children to acquire the skills needed in the digital world using this device. However, before buying a shared mobile phone for children aged 7 to 10 years, consider some of the following points:

  • Mobile battery quality and life: It is important to buy a mobile phone with a good quality and long life battery for children to avoid sudden battery failure.
  • Internet usage restrictions: Some shared phones have the ability to limit internet usage, this feature can help parents better control when children can use the internet.
  • Install appropriate programs: To reduce the risks associated with mobile use for children, you can install apps that are appropriate for the age of children, such as educational apps, educational games, etc.
  • Agreement with the child: Before you give your kids a shared cell phone, talk to them about the restrictions associated with using the device, such as when they can use it and what content they can search on the Internet.
Mobile for children

Buying mobile phones for 10-year-old children

Buying mobile phones for 10-year-old children

When buying mobile phones for children over 10 years of age, you can use this device as an educational and helpful tool for children by creating strong rules and appropriate restrictions. Some of the rules you can create include:

  • Setting a limited time for mobile use: This rule can help children to understand responsibility and obligation well and prevent excessive use of mobile phones.
  • Restrict access to some apps and sites: With this law, you can have more control over children’s use of the Internet and prevent them from accessing inappropriate content.
  • Installing educational programs: You can use this device as an educational tool by installing programs through which children can learn educational content in the form of interactive games.
  • Determining the rules related to security in the use of mobile phones: By setting rules such as not sharing passwords with others, installing new educational programs that parents don’t know about, you can protect children from various dangers in the digital world.

13 years old is the best age to buy a phone for children

The best age to buy a mobile phone for children is 13 years old or later. At this age, children have grown enough over time to be able to use a mobile device properly and to understand well what behaviors they should avoid while using this device.

Also, at older ages, children need to communicate with friends and family, and this device can be an efficient tool for communicating. In addition, due to the advancement of technology, many educational, social and recreational activities are conducted online, and this device can be useful for accessing these activities.

In any case, before buying a mobile phone for children, parents should talk to their child about the responsibilities of using this device and the rules related to its use and understand them. Also, you can protect children from various dangers that may exist in the digital world by installing some appropriate apps and settings for this device.


As a result, buying a mobile device for children can be a difficult decision, but by following the rules and important points discussed in this article, parents can make the best decision for their children’s health and development. For children under the age of 10, it is important to limit the use of mobile devices, make the devices available in places accessible to parents, and take care of the content of the device.

Also, for children over 13 years old, mobile devices can be used as an educational and communication tool. But in any case, the decision to buy a mobile device for children should be made carefully and with enough information to have the best effect on children’s health and development.

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