Full introduction of Jetor X2; Fidelity XB2 in Iran? + Video

01 June 1402 at 22:28

Crossover Jetor X2 is the latest product of Chery company, which may be sent to Iran by Bahman Motor Group under the name of Fidelity XB1. In the following, we will get to know the technical specifications and price of this Chery Jetour X2 and check the chances of importing it to Iran.

Bahman Motor Automobile Group has entered the arena with full hands this year. From Fidelity Prestige, which is bought and sold in China under the name Jetor X70 Plus, to Fidelity Dream and even handsome crossovers like Fidelity XB1 and its kind and nature-loving sibling, Fidelity XB1 Hybrid, all of them are among the products that are supposed to be They will soon go to Iran by Bahman Motor Group. In the meantime, maybe another attractive and modern crossover will be added to this party; That means Jetor X2 or probably Fidelity XB2, which we are going to learn about in the following.

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Introducing Jetor X2 or Fidelity XB2

This car is the latest product of the Jetour brand and the cousin of the Jetour X1, which was first shown on the stage at the Shanghai 2023 exhibition. Although the platform and engine of these two cars are the same, Jetor X2 uses the most advanced design elements and in terms of appearance, it is the same class of European products.

Appearance design and dimensions

Jetor X2 crossover

The size and dimensions of Jetor X2 are no different from Jetor Dashang and include 4590 mm in length, 1900 mm in width and 1685 mm in height, and the wheelbase reaches 2720 mm. The front window and appearance of Fidelity XB2 is almost different from Fidelity XB1; Especially the headlights and the shape of the bumpers.

Of course, the design of the rims and the side view as a whole have not changed, but in the rear view, we see the removal of the exhaust tips, diffuser and new bumper. Another attraction of this car is its door handles pop out Or it is “hidden handles” and we have seen this type of handles before in Changan UniT.

Cabin and dashboard design

The room and dashboard of the Jetor X2 is no different from its sibling, and this makes Bahman Motor to add this car to its product portfolio in the form of the Fidelity XB1 facelift.

On the dashboard of the Fidelity XB2, unlike most Chinese cars that use dual-screen displays, only one large display with dimensions 14.8 inches in the form of touch multimedia and the digital cluster is very secretly installed behind the steering wheel. The steering wheel itself also benefits from the latest design of the day 2 spoke wheel It has a double D design. The air conditioning panels are as low as possible and the side panels are in a straight line to make the dashboard appear wider. Also, the use of fabric and artificial leather with white color is used exactly to make the cabin look bigger.

Technical specifications and options and features of Jetor X2

This car, like the Fidelity XB1, is going to be released in three different trims and with three different driving forces. The Jetor X2 engine in the flagship trim is a 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine of the TGDI type, which we have seen under the hood of the Fidelity Prestige. This 1.6T engine can produce approx 200 horsepower power and 285 Nm Send the torque to the front wheels with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The next version, which is unlikely to be imported to Iran, is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, and the hybrid version pairs exactly the same engine with an electric motor in the rear axle to deliver an AWD crossover to buyers. Jetor X2 gearbox in the 1.5-liter all-petrol version is CVT, but in the hybrid model, it is replaced by a DHT automatic gearbox with three synthetic gears.

Next, we come to the list of features and options of Fidelity XB2, many of which are probably present in the standard version:

  • Automatic cruise control
  • Pop-out door handles
  • ABS and EBD braking
  • 360 degree camera and blind spot radar
  • Reverse camera and parking sensor
  • Camera recording events
  • Uphill mobility assistant
  • Electric parking brake and Autohold
  • Aluminum rims with multi-spoke design and two colors
  • Panorama sunroof
  • Autolight and Daylight with all LED lights
  • Touch multimedia with dimensions of 15 inches
  • Secret Digital Cluster

Price and import of Jetor X2 or Fidelity XB2

The price of Jetor X2 crossover or probably the same Fidelity XB2 Bahman Motor in the 1.6 liter turbocharged version goes up and down between 14 and 19.3 thousand dollars and if it is imported to Iran, this number is probably in the range of 1 billion and 7 million tomans. 2.3 billion tomans be

Also, the price of Jetor X2 hybrid starts from 21 thousand dollars and finally reaches 25 thousand dollars in the full option model. If Bahman puts the import engine Fidelity XB2 Hybrid in its agenda, it can definitely have an interesting competition with Lamarie Emma Let the hybrid begin! Currently, no news has been published about the import of regular or hybrid Jetor X2 to Iran, and we only guess that this crossover will go to the country’s streets under the name of Fidelity XB2 under the agency of Bahman Motor.

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