Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera in the list of top 10 phones of DxOMark

The Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera is one of the best. Now DxOMark has placed this camera among the top 10 selfie cameras for smartphones.

The DxOMark benchmark gives its scores based on the phone’s camera performance in both video and photo areas. The selfie score of Galaxy S23 Ultra in these two sections is 145 and 139 respectively. DxOMark writes that the selfie camera of this phone has good light metering and wide dynamic range in both photography and video. However, in low-light environments, there were problems such as low exposure, low detail and lack of proper contrast.

Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera

The DxOMark website has even encountered problems such as light halo, ringing and color transfer in some images. Apart from these cases, the Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera performed well in white light balance and natural skin tone recording in bright and indoor lighting conditions. Also, its automatic focus is fast and accurate, and in most scenes, the amount of photo noise is not so high. On the other hand, the bokeh effect of this phone’s selfie camera has accurate depth assessment and effective video stabilization.

Thanks to these features, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s selfie camera has been ranked 9th in the DxOMark global ranking and 8th in the Ultra Premium ranking. In this way, it can be said that Samsung has been able to introduce a capable phone in most selfie photography and videography scenarios.

Meanwhile, many Chinese smartphone manufacturers do not pay much attention to the selfie camera. For example, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra uses a weak selfie camera with 1080p video recording, despite the main camera with a 1-inch sensor.

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