German scientists are looking to reverse the aging process

03 June 1402 at 19:29

Eternal life and staying young have always been human dreams. Although there is currently no escape from death, German scientists are trying to reverse the aging process.

Our cells die, regenerate, and reproduce at an incredibly high rate. In order for this cycle to repeat itself and for existing life to continue, many processes must occur simultaneously. One of these processes is genetic transcription, as a result of which the body makes a copy of the DNA sequence. This process is very important; Because it regulates the protein level.

Reversing the aging process by slowing gene transcription

Reversing the aging process

The copy created is called messenger RNA and carries the genetic information needed to make proteins in the cell. mRNA carries data from DNA in the cell nucleus to the cytoplasm (where proteins are made). With increasing age, the transcription speed increases in all organisms; But the problem is that with this increase in speed, the error also increases. The structure responsible for this process is called Pol II, and its errors can lead to dangerous diseases such as cancer.

A group of German scientists wanted to find out whether this problem affects the functioning of other body organs. Most importantly, it is possible to reverse aging by making changes in this process. For this purpose, a team of 26 scientists from 6 different laboratories investigated the changes made in the genetic transcription process on different tissues of fruit flies, mice and humans.

The German team then looked for a way to reduce the speed of Pol II and, consequently, the number of problematic gene transcriptions. They made genetic changes in mice, fruit flies and worms. In the next step, they made changes in the diet of these creatures to simulate the conditions of old age. In all cases, the rate of Pol II activity decreased and fewer errors occurred.

Subsequent studies showed that the altered specimens lived 10 to 20 percent longer than their counterparts and also remained healthier. In fact, slowing down Pol II can both prevent cancer and keep the body healthier. German scientists hope to make even more changes in the future to reverse the aging process.

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