Get to know this interesting feature of Android 14 to transfer files

30 May 1402 at 20:51

Apparently, Google’s Android 14 operating system has a new feature that facilitates the transfer of files and text between different apps. Watch for yourself in this video.

We are still a few months away from the public release of Android 14; But almost every day, interesting details come out of it. Recently, Neil Sadikov, the editor of the Google News Telegram channel; unveiled the drag and drop feature in Android 14; Something that makes it easier to transfer files and text between different applications.

Of course, even before, the Android operating system had high flexibility in multi-tasking; But the void of this feature was felt in it.

By releasing this video, Sadikov explained that in Android 14, you can take a file or text from within an app, open another app and drop it there. Previously, this function was only available in split screen mode.

The way it works is, for example, you touch a file with your finger and pause to activate the drag and drop feature. Then, with your other finger, you use navigation gestures. When the second app is open, you can drop the file to paste it there.

In addition, Android 14 seems to allow you to swipe between different apps and go to the home screen or previous screen using Edge Gestures. In Android 13, these gestures are only used to go back. This is another example of improving multitasking features in the next version of Android.

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