Google is removing unused accounts; What should we do so that our Google account is not deleted?

May 27, 1402 at 16:10

Unused Google accounts will be deleted soon along with the data. But what accounts will this company’s new decision include?

If you have a Google account and haven’t logged in for a while, we recommend checking your account quickly. Because Google plans to delete inactive accounts by the end of this year.

In a blog post, Google announced its intention to remove inactive accounts and change its policy in this regard. Earlier in 2020, the company announced that it would delete content stored on inactive Google accounts, but would keep the account. According to the post, Google says it will now delete a user’s account along with its content if the account has been inactive for two years or more.

It seems that this decision was made with the aim of maintaining the security of user data. The tech giant claims that unused Google accounts are more vulnerable to hacking and unauthorized access than other examples due to various factors. These accounts usually lack two-step authentication and security checks.

Google account

The new decision of this company will be implemented from today and the process of clearing the accounts of this company will start from December 2023. Therefore, if you have not logged into your account for more than two years, the account will be deleted along with its contents, including the data in Docs, Gmail, Calender, Meet, Drive, Youtube and Google Photos.

Before a user’s Google Account is deleted, the company will send several warning notifications to the person’s email address and recovery email in the months leading up to the deletion. This process will start from accounts that are left unused after creation.

What can we do to prevent the deletion of our Google account without using it?

To keep your account, all you have to do is activate it. This process can be done by logging into the system and using any of the Google services. For example, you can use the following steps to activate your account:

  • Read email
  • Using Google Drive
  • Watch YouTube using Google Search
  • Login to a third party service through a Google account

Also, if you are using a Google business account, there is nothing to worry about. According to Google, this will only apply to free personal accounts. Therefore, subscriptions like Google One will also be safe from this policy.

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