Guide to buying anti-scalant from Abin

Antiscalant is one of the most widely used chemicals in the water and wastewater treatment industry. The importance of using antiscalant in reverse osmosis water purification systems lies in the ability of antiscalant to protect membrane filters as the most important stage of water filtration.

In the water purifier, a set of filters and chemicals are used for water purification; One of the most important water purification filters in industrial water purification devices is the membrane filter. This filter, despite its high quality, accuracy and ability to remove water pollutants, is vulnerable to some polluting factors in water. One of these factors is water salts and salts that can cause clogging and fouling of the membrane filter by depositing on the surface of the pores of the membrane filter, which ultimately leads to failure and failure of the membrane filter.

Antiscalant is used to prevent the formation of deposits caused by water solutions on the surface of the membrane filter membrane. Antiscalant with its molecular structure causes solutes and salts to stick to its structure and prevents them from settling and sedimenting on the surface of the membrane filter membrane. This prevents clogging and failure of the membrane filter.

Therefore, it should be said that if antiscalant is not used in reverse osmosis water purification systems, the membrane filters will get fouled and completely damaged in a short period of time due to the precipitation of salts and salts in the water. This is where the necessity of using antiscalant is determined at the same time as setting up and operating industrial water purification devices.

Famous anti-scalant brands

There are different brands of anti-scalant in the market, which are used according to the type and amount of salts and salts in the water in the system. The online market of Abin water equipment is one of the importers and suppliers of the best anti-scalant brands in Iran, the most important Abin anti-scalant brands include the following:

1- Antiscalant Flocon (Flocon)

Floken antiscalant is one of the most popular antiscalant brands of the reverse osmosis system. Among the different models of anti-scalants of this brand, Floken 260 is the most used. This antiscalant is compatible with all polyamide and cellulose membranes. It also has global approvals to guarantee the quality of water for drinking purposes.

2- Antiscalant Avista

Avista antiscalant is used to prevent the formation of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, etc. deposits on the surface of the membrane filter membrane in the pre-treatment of industrial water purification systems.

3- Antiscalant Genesis (Genesys)

Genesis antiscalant also has a variety of different models to prevent the formation of all kinds of deposits on the surface of the membrane. Genesis antiscalant is used to prevent the formation of carbonate, silica and sulfate deposits.

The brands listed above are just a few of the top Abin antiscalant brands used in reverse osmosis systems. To view other anti-scalant brands, you can visit this company’s website.

What points should I consider when buying anti-scalant?

In addition to the anti-scalant brand, when purchasing this product and of course all chemical water purification products, you must first check the inlet water analysis and device specifications and choose the appropriate anti-scalant water according to the system requirements and the amount of water pollutants. To choose the best antiscalant for the industrial water treatment system, it can be very helpful to publish the following:

  • TDS value and electrical conductivity of incoming water
  • Total hardness of incoming water
  • Alkalinity of incoming water
  • The amount of sulfate in the water
  • Device capacity
  • The percentage of recovery considered during the design of the industrial water treatment system
  • If used: type of acid and dose of its injection
  • Using or not using hard resin filters in the pre-treatment of the device
  • PH value and inlet water temperature

Where can I buy the best and highest quality anti-scalant?

So far, we have reviewed the top anti-scalant brands and the important parameters when purchasing this product. Now the question arises, what are the best stores or websites where we can buy these brands with confidence of product authenticity?

As important as the use of antiscalant in industrial water purification systems, it is also important that the purchased product is original, because the use of counterfeit antiscalant causes serious damage to the membrane filter membrane and its failure.

The best stores or websites selling antiscalant are those that are either direct importers of these products or cooperate with reputable importers and manufacturers directly and without intermediaries to supply antiscalant. Only then can you be sure of the authenticity of antiscalant and its reasonable price.

Teaching how to buy anti-scalant from Abin

As mentioned, Abin is one of the suppliers and importers of all kinds of reverse osmosis antiscalant brands in Iran. On the website of Abin water treatment, you can see the types of antiscalant and choose the best type of product according to the needs of your system. In addition, due to the fact that the importance of choosing the right type of antiscalant in industrial water purification systems is very important, Abin has always tried to help its customers choose the right product by providing the possibility of free telephone consultation. To take advantage of this opportunity, you can contact the sales experts of this collection through the numbers of the Abin water purification website.

Due to the fact that anti-scalant is sold in different capacities and also due to the fact that most of the anti-scalant brands are imported, the price of this product is inquired on an updated basis. Therefore, if you intend to buy Abin anti-scalant, you can contact the sales experts of this company to know the updated price of your desired product.

To buy all kinds of anti-scalant, please refer to the following address:

https://abin.ir/products/chemical-products/%D8%A2%D9%86%D8%AA%DB%8C-%D8%A7%D8%B3%DA%A9%D8%A7%D9% 84%D8%A7%D9%86%D8%AA/

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