How to get rid of mobile phone addiction?

May 25, 1402 at 21:21

Mobile phone addiction has become a common phenomenon these days; Something that can negatively affect our social, work, family life and even our health. So it is not bad to know the methods of dealing with it.

Smartphones are so intertwined with our lives today that it is difficult to imagine a day without them. From work and business affairs to entertainment and communication with friends, almost everything is done with a smartphone. But this strong dependence on mobile phones can become a destructive habit. By following these tips, you can control the urge to overuse your smartphone.

Admit that you are addicted to mobile phones

The first step to this path is to accept the existence of a problem. Mobile phone addiction can manifest itself in many ways: checking the phone for no reason and frequently, using the phone while driving or on trips, and feeling anxious or confused when away from the phone!

Mobile phone addiction

As soon as you accept that you have such a problem, you have taken the first step.

Set goals and limits for yourself

Now that you have realized the problem, you should limit the use of the phone and do not go to it without a valid reason. To start, see how much time you spend on your phone every day and what is the most used application. Then set smart rules and goals for yourself.

For example, limit the use of the phone to certain times of the day and set a timer. You can prevent the use of some time-consuming and unnecessary apps.

Prioritize your social interactions

one of Factors of mobile phone addiction, isolation and lack of social interactions. So it is really important to be in touch with your friends and acquaintances in the real world.

Make a schedule, attend social gatherings and involve yourself in some outdoor activities. This can help boost your PR and reduce your smartphone dependency.

Turn off notifications

Notifications can become a distraction and tempt you to use your phone again.

Therefore, it is recommended to turn off unnecessary app notifications or put your phone on silent mode when participating in social activities. This makes you focus better and enjoy the moment.

Create mobile-prohibited locations

Creating mobile-free zones at home or at work can help reduce smartphone time. It can be a table or a corner of the house where you study, meditate or rest.

Be sure to adhere to the law that you have set and do not allow the phone to interfere with your activities and work in that prohibited area.

Practice mindfulness

This is also a powerful tool to deal with mobile phone addiction. Mindfulness (Mindfulness) means that all your thoughts and attention should be focused on the events of this moment and you should be completely aware of your thoughts and feelings; Without judging yourself.

Practicing mindfulness will help you pay more attention to how much you use your smartphone and better understand its harmful effects on your mental and physical health. You can start by practicing mindfulness meditation or deep breathing for a few minutes a day.

Get help from experts

It is not a bad idea to get help from experts to get rid of smartphone addiction. Mental Health Counselors provide you with helpful tools and strategies to help you form better, healthier habits.

Also, they can identify and treat other mental problems that may be hidden behind mobile phone addiction.

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