How to remove the storage space of applications in Android phones

31 May 1402 at 20:16

When an Android app is having trouble, one of the things you should try is to clear its storage space. Here we are going to teach how to do this.

One of the biggest problems of Android phone users is related to applications and their efficiency.

All of you must have come across programs that ran into problems or did not perform well during the period of using your Android phone.

There are different methods to deal with this category of applications, one of the most important of which is to delete the data related to these applications.

The reason for this is that deleting this data will free up the memory and storage space of your Android phone, both of which are necessary for the phone to perform properly.

This work can also fix the bugs in an application and sometimes freezes, hangs and other problems related to running different programs.

In general, deleting the storage space of Android applications can solve many device problems without the need to completely delete the application and reinstall it.

At the same time, many people confuse completely deleting an application’s data with deleting its cache. Therefore, it is necessary to get enough information about each of these two methods and use each one in its proper place.

Today, in Gadget News, we are trying to compare the two processes of deleting data and deleting cache in Android phones and explain the key differences between each.

Also, in the following, we will teach how to remove the storage space of applications in Android phones and we will examine it in more detail.

What is the difference between clearing the storage space of an application and clearing the cache?

Clear application cache

One of the fastest ways to clear the memory of an Android phone is to delete applications and all data related to them. Naturally, for applications that are not used much, deleting is a suitable option.

However, deleting applications that are used permanently is not very logical. In this situation, there are two ways for Android users to clear the memory. The first way is to delete the cache files related to this application and the other is to delete the data related to it.

But what is the difference between the cache and the storage space of an application?

A program’s cache is actually a place to store temporary files related to it. These files make the application load faster by remembering previous settings.

Deleting an app’s cache is a very convenient way to free up some memory. Of course, it should be noted that the cache of Android applications is basically not very large, and deleting them will not free up much space from the device’s memory.

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How to clear the cache of Android phones?

By clearing the cache, no change in the performance of the application has been observed and the program will run as before. However, due to the fact that some settings in different parts of the application need to be reloaded, you may feel that the respective application runs a little slower than before.

It’s possible that clearing the cache will fix some app-related issues. However, if clearing the cache doesn’t solve your problem, you probably have no choice but to clear the data associated with it.

On the other hand, erasing the data space of an application means removing all information related to it from the device’s memory. In this way, everything including login information, settings, progress made in some parts of programs and games, and so on, will be completely erased.

By doing this, the device will practically return to its original settings. So, just like the first day you installed it on your device, you will need to log in again and do the settings again.

How to delete the data of an Android application from the device?

Before you try to delete the data related to a program, you should know that the Android user interfaces on different phones have slight differences from each other depending on the manufacturer of the device.

For this reason, the menu for deleting application data may be present in different sections of the settings menu of your phone.

Similarly, different Android apps also have different designs; So that some may allow the user to delete the storage space from within the program itself.

In order to make sure whether an application allows the user to do this or not, it is necessary to first run the application and enter its settings section.

In most applications, access to the settings menu is possible through the three horizontal lines key in one of the corners of the screen.

When you enter the settings menu, look for the option to delete application data or similar items in its various sections.

If you have saved the username and password for entering the application in your phone, completely deleting the data may lead to the deletion of this information.

If the settings related to deleting the storage space of the Android application are not available in the settings section of the application itself, you must do this through the settings menu.

The method of doing this is as follows:

  • In the Android app drawer, find the icon of the app whose settings you want to delete.
  • Press and hold the application icon with your finger.
  • From the menu that appears, select App Info.
  • In the field that appears, select Storage Usage. Of course, this option can have different names depending on your phone model.
  • Enter the Data section and select the Clear Data option.

By pressing this option, a new page will be displayed, which will display the type of information that will be deleted from the device in addition to the warning about the irreversibility of this process.

If you are sure, press the OK key to delete all data related to the relevant application from your device.

What will happen after deleting the data related to an Android application?

After deleting the storage space related to an Android application, in the first step, you can find out about the freed space in the device’s memory.

After pressing the Clear Data key in the previous section, the number against Data on the Storage Usage page will change to zero. Naturally, by deleting the data related to the application, depending on its type, a volume of the device’s memory will be empty.

In addition, if you log in again after deleting the application data, you will probably need to enter your username and password again.

So make sure you memorize or write down this information.

In addition, because all the settings of the application have been deleted, after logging in again, you must give all the necessary access to the application and redo the related settings.

For example, granting access to the device’s gallery or microphone or resetting the app’s notifications are some of the things you’ll need to take care of after signing in.

What is the effect of deleting the storage space of Google Play or other default Android applications?

You must know that the Google Play store is also an application and therefore it is exposed to all the events that may happen to any other application.

Therefore, in situations where the download of various applications has not been completed or the Google Play application itself crashes from time to time, it is probably necessary to delete the data of this application.

Deleting all the data related to Google Play will not affect the applications that you have already installed through it. However, things like settings related to notifications, the theme selected for it, network settings and some other information related to the history of downloads will be deleted and you will need to reset them.

This is the case for default Android applications such as camera, contacts and messages, as well as Google services such as Gmail or Google Drive.

For example, by deleting the data related to the Messages application, the messages in your inbox will not be deleted; But the settings related to notifications and other things will return to their conditions on the first day.

Of course, we recommend that you make a backup of your important information before deciding to delete the storage space of the default Android apps to be more sure.

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