Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 will become the strangest smart TV this year with its attractive features

May 30, 1402 at 10:31

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 TV – Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 with chip and camera based on artificial intelligence was introduced in two sizes of 65 and 75 inches.

Yesterday, Huawei unveiled its new products during a summer event. Among the newly arrived devices of this company, the Vision Smart Screen 3 smart TV was shown, which supports the super-sensing camera based on artificial intelligence. This device is equipped with a high-end chip capable of 4K playback, and in addition, it comes with a significant update in the hardware and AI software departments.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 TV

With its AI-based camera and chip, Huawei’s Vision Smart Screen 3 Smart TV is capable of doing smart things like bone joint detection, portrait tracking, and sending sitting/distance reminders. The Honghu image processing engine used in this display is capable of identifying 11 different modes and dynamically controls color, contrast and other algorithm modules based on deep learning from extensive data sets. The new Huawei Smart TV also offers great entertainment features such as watching movies, karaoke, fitness and gaming.

Other specifications of Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 TV

The Smart Screen 3 comes with a new 12-megapixel artificial intelligence camera with a wide-angle range of 115 degrees. The device also comes with a distinctive NPU and AI vision chip that supports 1.0T AI computing power and has intelligent recognition capabilities. In this way, when the TV is broadcasting people during a conversation, it can track moving images and portraits.

The Smart Screen 3 has received the low blue light certification from TUV Rheinland. This feature significantly reduces harmful blue light during image display. Huawei Smart TV comes in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes, priced at $640 and $853, respectively.

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