If Windows 12 is like this, are you willing to install it?

May 31, 1402 at 13:40

A designer has recently published a video of a possible Windows 12 user interface – Windows 12, which shows the expected changes.

These days, the rumor market about Windows 12 is hotter than ever. Recently, Microsoft’s plan for its future operating system has been leaked by the company’s internal sources. Although no official screenshots or videos of Windows 12 have been released yet, conceptual designers have offered their possible ideas about the look and features of this version.

A look at the possible design of Windows 12

One of these designers has not only presented his vision about Windows 12, but also made his own background images for this operating system available for free download. Another designer has taken a different approach and published a video that, in addition to showing the features of this operating system, also introduces us to its installation and setup steps.

Among the features shown in this video, we can mention the start menu, file explorer and the new settings menu. Although it has not yet been determined whether these features will be added in the final version of Windows 12, it shows the expectation of most users for the desired features.

The new start menu in this version is a combination of Windows 10 menu and Windows 8 live tiles. Users who were not satisfied with the Windows 10 user environment will probably welcome these changes. File Explorer has also been transformed with a more modern design and new icons.

Possible exciting changes in Windows 12

Overall, the above video provides an exciting glimpse of what we might see in Windows 12. Although designers like Addy Visuals and AR 4789 have created interesting visual concepts of this version, until the official release of this operating system, there is still no certainty about the mentioned capabilities.

Windows 12

Needless to say, Microsoft has not yet confirmed the development of Windows 12. So the company may have taken a different approach compared to previous versions. However, the buzz surrounding the possible release of Windows 12 in the future is a testament to the continued popularity of the operating system and the excitement generated by the prospect of a new and improved version.

As with any new version of the operating system, some users will probably welcome the new and big changes, and others will prefer the familiar user interface of the previous versions. But regardless of personal taste, it’s clear that the next version of Windows has sparked a lot of curiosity and speculation.

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