ikey Tools How to Easily unlock and delete the iCloud?

ikey Tools: Are you stuck with an iPhone or iPad that you don’t use because you can’t activate it or you can’t bypass the iCloud lock page?
With Download Ikey tools X6.4 Pro, you can easily full iCloud bypass with all notifications working and without draining the battery from the iPhone or iPad, or iPod.

You can also set up a new password for your device if you lose your old password.
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Once you create an iCloud account and save your data without securely saving the account information, over time, you may forget the account information. And if you’re stuck on the iCloud verification page, you may not be able to delete the iCloud lock.
That’s where ikey tools/software X6.4 Pro comes in. Today, we will explain how to unlock iCloud using our special iCloud unlock tool.

First, you’ll need to download and install ikey tool X6.4 Pro on your computer. Once installed, open it up and click the “Unlock iCloud” button.
Once you’ve clicked the “Unlock iCloud” button, ikey tools X6.4 Pro will begin to work.

First, it will scan your computer for any iCloud account information. If it finds any, it will display a list of the account’s passwords and 42 saved passwords.
If you’ve forgotten your iCloud account passwords, you can enter them into the ” passwords ” field, and ikey X6.4 Pro will automatically save them to the computer.
Once ikey X6.4 Pro has found all the information it needs, it will start to unlock the iCloud.
First, it will try to reset the iCloud lock. If this doesn’t work, it will try to reset the iCloud backup password.

If either of these methods fails, ikey tools X6.4 Pro will display a message saying that the iCloud lock is unavailable to be unlocked.
If you’d like to try one more method, you can enter the “master password” into the “password” field. ikey tools X6.4 Pro will then try to decrypt the iCloud backup using the “master password.”
If ikey tools X6.4 Pro can decrypt the iCloud backup, it will display a message saying so.

Finally, if ikey tools software X6.4 Pro cannot unlock the iCloud lock using any of the methods it provides, it will display a message saying that the iCloud lock is unavailable to be unlocked.
Download the iKey tool

How to Bypass iCloud with iKey Tool?

Set up jailbreaking on your iPhone.
Using a USB connection, connect your iPhone to your computer.
Launch the iKey Tool
Choose GSM BYPASS-iOS from the Tool’s Service box.
To begin the processing of the bypass, click the START BYPASS button.
After completing the bypassing process, press OK to disconnect.

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