Ima Lamari drag race with helicopter + video

02 June 1402 at 21:53

In its latest show, Dongfeng staged an exciting drag between the facelifted Lamari Emma and the Bell 407 helicopter. But which of them is the winner of this competition?

Dongfeng company with its attractive crossover, Evo T5, which is known as Lamari Ima in Iran, is making a storm these days. They first went for the hybrid version of Lamari Ima, and then launched the electric model, and in their last move, Lamari Ima sent the full option and new facelift to the streets of China; Just drag this Chinese car with helicopter It was too little to be added! In the following, we will accompany you with an attractive video of Drag Lamari Emma facelift with a helicopter and read the details of this news.

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Drag Lamari Emma facelift with a helicopter

The drag was held last week at the Dongfeng Speed ​​and Thrill event and featured a new facelifted Lamari Ima and a Bell 407Gxi helicopter.

Who was the winner of Lamari Emma and the helicopter?

Drag Lamarie Emma with a helicopter

Unlike most official races that are drags of 400 meters or more, the track length of this drag race was limited to 100 meters. Bell Helicopter left behind the 407Gxi and won this competition.

Technical specifications and features of Lamari Ima facelift and full option

Of course, the maximum speed of Dongfeng Evo T5, or our Lamari, is almost 200 km/h, which is 260 km/h for the Bell 407Gxi helicopter, and if this race was a little longer, the Lamari Emma facelift would have lost.

The most interesting thing here is that this helicopter is equipped with Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 engines, which are among the most advanced and reliable types of helicopter engines in the world. Also, the maximum power of the Bell 407Xgi helicopter is 800 horsepower It arrives and Lamari Ima only 197 horsepower has it.

Recording 7.96 second acceleration from Lamari Ima in helicopter drag test

Although the Lamari Ima engine is only 1.5 liters in volume, thanks to the turbo charging system and the use of the latest Dongfeng technologies, it can produce 197 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. Also, the acceleration from 0 to 100 times in this test is equal to 7.96 seconds and this number, along with independent McPherson suspension system (on the front axle) and independent multi-link (on the rear axle), indicates a smooth and exciting ride. The thermal efficiency of this engine reaches 41.07%, and the 7DCT300 dual-clutch automatic transmission in this car is among the top 10 transmissions in the world.

Lamari Ima full option will enter Iran soon and will provide customers with facilities and options such as 360 degree camera, blind spot radar, electric seat, light and rain sensor, etc. He also put the facelift version in the queue for import to Iran.

With Lamari Ima, the water in your heart will not move!

Another interesting test in this competition is related to the “water glass test in Lamari Ima”. The participants put a glass of water in Ima’s Lamari Jalivani and traveled the track at a speed of 40 km/h. Thanks to the advanced suspension system, not even a drop of water spilled out of this glass! Also, Lamari Ima’s ESP system is one of Bosch’s masterpieces (called Bosch 9.3), which has a great impact on the handling of this car.

When will Lamari full option and facelift arrive in Iran?

The import of Ima Full Option Lamari to Iran has been confirmed and we expect that in the coming months Tehran car exhibitionto unveil this product. Also, Lamari Emma facelift is in line to enter Iran, but maybe we will see it a little later.

How much will the Lamari facelift and full option price be?

The price of Lamari Ima full option is in the range of 18 thousand dollars and probably in the Iranian market, up to 2.5 billion tomans It should be priced and the price of Lamari Ima full option agency is lower than 2 billion tomans will be. Since the full option and facelift versions are not technically different, the price of Lamari Ima facelift is only slightly higher than the full option model.

In the end, we should mention that the competition and drag between Ima and the helicopter is more of a show and cannot show anything special. Of course, this car has proven itself on the track and on the street, and soon we will show you this point with an exclusive Gadget News review video by Lamari Emma.

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