Important and key points that you should follow when buying a second-hand phone

05 June 1402 at 15:58

If you intend to buy a second-hand phone, be sure to pay attention to the tips provided in this text to make a better and safer purchase. Here we mention some tricks that can help you buy better.

Buying a second-hand phone is a good way to get the desired device at a better price. However, while doing this, you should consider some points so that you can experience the best possible purchase.

In this text, we will examine some of the most important points that you should pay attention to when buying a used phone.

What points should be considered when buying a second-hand phone?

Buying a second hand phone

Physical state of the device

Before buying a device, make sure of its physical health. For this, make sure that the device is free of any signs of physical damage such as scratches, cracks or dents.

If your device is damaged, it might not be worth buying even if it’s cheap!

Usage history of the previous owner of the device

Before buying a used phone, ask the previous owner about its usage pattern.

For example, how long has this phone been used or has it been exposed to physical accidents or not?

If the previous owner cannot answer these questions properly, maybe buying it is not the right thing to do.

Device warranty

Preferably, try to buy a device that is still under warranty. In this case, you can solve the problem quickly in case of any accident or damage.

phone age

Older phones probably won’t receive newer versions of the operating system and thus won’t be able to run the latest software versions.

Therefore, buying a phone that is too old is not a good idea.

Internal phone memory

If you plan to keep a large number of photos, videos and other information in your phone, you should be sure that you have the maximum possible memory.

Therefore, paying attention to the amount of internal memory is one of the important points when buying a second-hand phone.

phone camera

The camera of the phone is one of the things that should be paid attention to. In addition to technical information such as camera resolution and special features such as optical image stabilizer, etc., the amount of previous use of the camera is also one of the things that can influence the purchase of your new phone; Especially if you plan to take a lot of photos and videos.

Phone battery status

Paying attention to the battery capacity and its health is another point that you must pay attention to while buying.

Excessive and incorrect charging can damage the battery and reduce its capacity. Therefore, be sure to check the health of the battery before buying your second-hand phone.

Compatibility of the phone with the telecommunications operator

Before buying a used phone, make sure that the device is supported by the telecommunication operator; Because otherwise, you may not be able to access the Internet or even make a phone call.

To check whether the device is supported by the operator or not, you can get help from the operator’s website.

The price of the phone

Before buying a phone, do a short search on the internet to find out about the price range of the desired device. Second-hand online stores can be good sources for accessing this information.

Important points for iPhone buyers

In addition to these general tips, there are some smaller items that are especially suitable for iPhone users. Some of these points are as follows:

Checking the IMEI of the device

The IMEI number of an iPhone is a unique identifier for each unique device.

This ID can be seen from the Settings section, the General section, and then the About section.

You can use the IMEI code to make sure that the device is not stolen.

serial number

The serial number of the iPhone is another unique identifier for this phone, through which you can check the warranty status of the device.

This identifier is similar to IMEI and can be seen in the settings section, General section, and then About.

Operating system version

Before buying a used iPhone, also make sure that the device is using the latest version of iOS.

The version of the operating system can be seen exactly in the same part where the serial number and IMEI are located.

Battery status

Another thing that should be considered before buying a used phone is the condition of the battery.

This can be seen through Settings, Battery, and then Battery Health.

Tips to make a better purchase

In addition to the things that are directly related to the phone to be purchased, some other tips are among the tricks that can give you a better second-hand product. Some of these are:

Read reviews on the phone

Before buying a used phone, try to check the online discussion pages related to the device and read the reviews done on it completely.

In this way, you can get information about its strengths and weaknesses and be more confident about your purchase.

Things like general defects, level of confidence and, of course, user satisfaction, are among the important things in this section.

Before buying, compare the price of the desired product with similar items

Before you commit to buying a second-hand phone, be sure to compare its price with other similar products in the market to make sure that the product you intend to buy is not too expensive.

Buy from a trusted seller

There are many online stores in the market, some of which are dedicated to second-hand products. However, not all of them perform the same, and some are better known than others and offer better services.

When you are planning to buy a used phone, try to make your purchase as much as possible from reliable sellers who provide the most security for buyers.

You can usually find important information about this with a simple search on the Internet.

Ask the seller questions

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller and ask the seller any question you have about the condition of the phone, its history and warranty. The more information you have about the product you are buying, the better and more secure your purchase will be.

View and check the phone in person

If it is possible for you, before buying the phone, inspect it completely in person at the seller. This increases the chances of making a better purchase.

Test the device thoroughly

If possible, try to test all the features of the phone in person.

Things like the responsiveness of the screen, phone camera, quality of microphones and the possibility of making calls, sending messages, connecting to Wi-Fi, or how to run different applications are among the things that it is better to test them personally before buying.

Make sure that the device does not heat up or encounter large lags during the test; Because these cases can be a sign of bigger internal problems in the device.

Make sure the phone is original

One of the biggest challenges of buying a used phone is making sure it is original!

To be sure of this, compare the pictures of the back and front of the phone with its actual appearance and make sure that things like the brand logo and other details are exactly like the official pictures.

Also, comparing the design, weight and dimensions of the device with the official specifications listed on the main page of the product on the manufacturer’s website can also be of great help to you.

Pay attention that if the price of a phone is very low, you should look for the reason for this problem! Because in some cases, too low price can indicate that the device is problematic!

Ask the seller for the title deed

When buying, be sure to ask the seller to share a sheet or document of its ownership with you.

The purchase invoice, warranty card or any document that mentions the name of the current seller as the previous buyer of the device can be the guarantor of his ownership.

Don’t forget to bargain!

After you have done all of the above, you can bargain to lower the price of the device.

For this, try to use the information you have obtained before as a bargaining leverage.

Try to get accessories and additional items for the device from the seller

If the seller has additional items such as charging cable, adapter, frame or other accessories, try to ask for them as much as possible.

Having these items is not necessary to buy a phone. However, they can significantly improve the phone experience.

Put everything in writing

Once you’ve made the initial arrangements to buy the phone, put everything in writing. The information that should be mentioned in this text is things like the price of the phone, its physical condition and insurance conditions.

This will keep you safe from possible dangers.

Trust your instincts!

If a second-hand phone seems too good to be true, it’s better to reconsider all aspects of the purchase!

Also, if you have the slightest doubt about the seller, the condition of the phone or the process of transferring money, it is better not to enter into the transaction at all and look for better options.

Always keep in mind that spending time to make an ideal purchase is much better than buying a bad product quickly.

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