Important points about mobile phone batteries and chargers that you must know

31 May 1402 at 17:51

Today we are going to teach you some key points about protecting your mobile phone battery and charging it optimally. If you care about the health of your battery, stay with us.

The battery of a mobile phone should be considered the most important part used in it.

According to the results of a recent survey, more than 70% of Indians feel anxious when their mobile phone charge reaches a critical limit.

Mobile phone batteries are also more vulnerable to damage than other components; This means that they may be damaged very quickly if used incorrectly.

In this situation, one of the main concerns of mobile phone users is how to use them correctly and increase their life.

Mobile phone battery

Therefore, in the continuation of this text, we are trying to teach key solutions to protect the battery and charger of mobile phones.

How to protect your mobile phone battery and charger?

Charge your phone carefully

You must have heard that reaching zero battery capacity and recharging it is one of the main reasons for reducing battery capacity over time.

However, it is not bad to know that in the past the situation was different and experts and experts believed that this work will strengthen the battery!

Of course, this is true only for older batteries made of nickel-cadmium!

In the past, the batteries of old phones were made of Ni-Cd, and nickel hydroxide and cadmium metal were used in them. In these batteries, emptying and recharging not only did not weaken; But it also played a significant role in its long-term sustainability!

Today, of course, the use of nickel-cadmium batteries has been abandoned due to environmental hazards, high weight and low energy density, and they have been replaced by lithium-ion batteries.

In lithium-ion batteries, which are used in almost all modern electronic devices, the charging cycle is exactly the opposite of nickel-cadmium samples.

Therefore, reaching zero percent capacity and fully charging the battery will weaken Li-ion batteries.

To be more precise, each time the battery is charged from zero to one hundred percent is considered equivalent to one cycle. Therefore, the more charge cycles, the faster the battery life will decrease.

Therefore, the key strategy to protect the mobile phone battery is to prevent it from being completely discharged and then recharging it to 100%, which causes a complete charging cycle and reduces the charging capacity.

According to the results of some reports, after 250 cycles, the life of the lithium-ion battery decreases significantly, and after 300 to 500 cycles, the battery capacity reaches 80% of the initial amount.

Connect the charger correctly

Many people think that the way the charger is connected to the power outlet can have no effect on the performance of the battery. However, people who are obsessed with their phone’s battery life will probably disagree!

Are you one of those people who first connect the charger cable to the phone and then connect it to the power, or do you plug the adapter into the power first and then connect the other end of the cable to the phone?

If you want your phone’s battery to last longer, it is better to use the second method and turn on the adapter before connecting the wire to the phone.

But do you know the reason for this difference?

The electrical voltage used in most parts of the world is 110/120 V or 220/230 V. This is despite the fact that the voltage of the mobile phone charger is in the range of 5 volts.

For this reason, the transformer in the charger converts the high voltage current of city electricity into direct current (DC) with low voltage and sends it to the phone.

If you have connected the adapter to your phone before connecting it to the power outlet, the phone battery may be exposed to high voltage electric current due to the transformer not working properly.

Of course, the time to establish this strong current is only one millionth of a second. However, even this short time can cause serious damage to your phone’s battery.

So try to connect the adapter to the power first and after a few seconds connect the other end of the wire to the phone so that a stable current is transferred to the phone.

Disconnect the charger properly from the charging port

For people who care about the health of their mobile phone battery, even the order of separating the two ends of the charger wire is important!

After completing the charging process, try to first disconnect your mobile phone from the charger wire; Because immediately after pulling out the charging wire from the outlet, a reverse current is produced, which has a significant effect on reducing the battery life.

So remember to remember the correct order of connecting and disconnecting the parts both when starting the charging process and when it is finished so that the battery life is not reduced.

Use suitable and compatible cables and chargers

During the process of charging mobile phones, there are other points that you should pay attention to. One of them is the use of a compatible charger and cable, which has become more important in recent years.

In the past, most mobile phones were sold with adapters and compatible charging cables. However, in recent years, some brands refuse to include charging adapters in their product boxes with excuses such as protecting the environment.

In this way, if you buy modern smartphones, you probably have to buy their chargers separately.

On the other hand, the price of original smartphone chargers is usually high. Therefore, many people buy this category of products thinking that non-original adapters do not have much effect on the device charging process.

At the same time, this assumption is completely wrong and the incompatibility of the adapter, cable and phone can have irreparable effects on the phone’s battery.

Therefore, in order to protect the battery of your mobile phone, even if you intend to buy cheap adapters, go for more well-known models and avoid unfamiliar brands.

Pay attention that detecting a charge and the function of the coil, transformer and other electrical parts inside it is a very complicated task. However, fake chargers usually have non-standard voltage or current or incompatibility with the phone’s input current and voltage and cause serious damage to the battery.

Do not charge the phone during gaming or other heavy activities

Some people think that charging the battery while playing games or running heavy applications will shorten the life of the battery because it causes the current to flow in and out at the same time.

However, what damages the phone’s battery the most in this situation is the high temperature generated in the battery while playing! You must have had the experience of simultaneously charging and playing games on your device and noticed that the device is overheating!

Pay attention that charging the battery will only increase its temperature. Therefore, if you add playing a heavy game to the equation in this situation, the phone will probably experience a heavy increase in temperature.

For this reason, never charge the phone while playing games or running heavy programs.

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