Inauguration of Irancell’s new optical fiber service with the presence of the president

May 28, 1402 at 07:28

With the presence of the president of our country, Irancell’s new optical fiber service was officially opened along with several other major projects of this mobile phone operator.

Yesterday, Irancell’s new high-speed fixed internet service based on optical fiber was officially opened with a ceremony. Among the other big projects of Irancell that were put into operation in this ceremony, we can mention Iran’s 600th 5G site and the development of high-speed Internet access in 336 villages of the country. At the same time as the World Communication and Information Society Day, a ceremony was held with the presence of the president of our country, in which the fiber optic internet service known as “Fiber to the Home (FTTH)” service, in the form of the National Fiber Optic Home Plan And businesses were exploited. Babol city in Mazandaran province became the first city where Irancell high-speed fiber optic internet service is provided.

This ceremony was held in the evening of Wednesday 27 May 1402 in the conference hall of the Research Institute of Communication and Information Technology and in addition to the President, Issa Zarepour (Minister of Communication and Information Technology), Dr. Seyed Mohammad Amin Aghamir (Secretary of the Supreme Council and Head of the National Center for Cyberspace) country), Dr. Omid Mohammadzadeh Lajordi (Deputy Minister for Communications Affairs and Deputy Minister and Head of Regulatory and Radio Communications Organization), Engineer Mohammad Jafarpour (Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Infrastructure Communications Company), Dr. Mohammad Khansari (Deputy Minister and Head of Information Technology Organization of Iran), Engineer Ali Asghar Ansari (Deputy Planning and Strategic Supervision of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Executive and Secretary of the Steering Council for the Development of the National Information Network), Engineer Iraj Rouhi (Adviser to the Minister on the Development of Communications and Information Technology in Rural Areas and Executor of the Mandatory Public Service Plan), Engineer Reza Bagheri Asal (Deputy of Government Affairs, Parliament and Provinces of the Ministry of Communications), Dr. Bijan Abbasi Arend (CEO of Irancell), as well as a number of representatives of the Islamic Council, a group of managers, experts and activists in the field of communications and Information technology and media people were present.

Irancell optical fiber

This ceremony was held under the title of the inauguration of communication and information technology projects (20 months of service) and in addition to the inauguration of Irancell’s new optical fiber service, the 600th 5G site of Iran and the 420th 5G site of Irancell in the city of Babol, Mazandaran were inaugurated online by the president. became. The launch of the first mobile 5G laboratory was also another part of this ceremony. It should be mentioned that Irancell’s 400th 5G site was opened on 13th of Bahman 1401 with the presence of the Minister of Communications in Irancell’s central building.

Among the other parts of this ceremony, we can mention the opening of the Irancell rural communication site in the village of Koirah Goyz, Saqez city, Kurdistan province. This communication site representing 169 rural communication sites to cover 336 villages was used online by the president.

Opening of the first phase of Irancell optical fiber in Babol

The first phase of Irancell optical fiber project with a credit of about 70 billion tomans was opened in Babol city of Mazandaran province. In this city, 25,000 households will be covered by high-speed fiber optic internet. Also, for the purpose of the construction project of 420 fifth generation mobile phone sites in the 13th government, about 28 thousand billion Rials have been spent and for the rural development project in this phase, about 5310 billion Rials have been considered.

20% increase in the capacity of the core of the country’s communication network, connecting the three islands of Big Tunb, Small Tunb and Bomosi through marine fiber cabling, unveiling the connection of 95% of devices to the national window of smart government services and unveiling the national system for online measurement of people’s satisfaction with the employees of the devices The executive of the country was one of the other projects that were used in this ceremony.

In this ceremony, Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, pointed out the increase in the share of the digital economy in the national GDP from 6.4% to 7.5% by the end of last year and said that the issue of the digital economy is considered a key issue in the 7th Development Plan. And the government has used all its capacities for this purpose. He considered the National Information Network to be the center of all the works of the Ministry of Communications and added that according to the determined indicators, the progress of setting up the National Information Network at the beginning of the government was 23%, and now it has reached 61%. He expressed hope that the progress of this network will reach 75% by the end of this year and that this key and strategic project will be completed by the end of the 13th government.

Regarding the opening of the optical fiber project for homes and businesses, the Minister of Communications said that this exploitation is the beginning of a historic stage for the people of Iran, and until we do not have these infrastructures, it is meaningless to talk about the development of the digital economy. He added that currently 8 optical fiber operators have been identified in the country, and in the meantime, in addition to the operators who had previously received the fixed communication license, Irancell and Rightel operators were also granted a new converged license, and all of them are jihadi. There are works that deserve praise.

Zarepour said that the development of our optical fiber network prepares us to provide the next generation of communications, including 5G. Currently, three million people are covered by optical fiber services and the people of our country will be able to see the progress of this project through the iranfttx.ir portal.

Seyed Ebrahim Raeesi, the President of our country, also congratulated the World Communication Day in this ceremony and thanked for the services and projects done. While hoping that bigger steps will be taken in the future, he stated that today’s world is the world of communication and information, and this phenomenon has affected all layers of human life much faster than what was thought. The president appreciated the progress that has been made so far in various hardware and software fields and called for efforts to reach the desired point. He added that the private sector and various organizations should feel that they have a role to play in this work and competition between them should be encouraged.

Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasized that one of the manifestations of people’s government and people’s work is that the work is in the hands of the people and the government has the role of support, guidance and supervision. He praised the significant growth of the indicators of the National Information Network and said that the speed of this growth should increase and at the same time we should not witness a decrease in quality. According to Raisi, the national information network is one of the important infrastructures for any kind of progress in the country, and the completion of this network should be completed sooner.

At the end of his speech, the president spoke about the presence of 95% of various devices in the national window of smart government services, and it was noted that all devices should join this system within the next month at the latest, and not even one device should be absent.

During this ceremony, the president of the Telecommunications Industry Syndicate and the CEO of Asiatec Company, representing the optical fiber operators, spoke about the concerns and issues and problems of this field before the speeches of the Minister of Communications and the President. At the beginning of his arrival at the Research Institute of Communication and Information Technology, the President visited the exhibition of achievements in the field of communication and information technology.

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