Introducing the 2023 Kanon Great Wall Pickup; Will the competitor of KMC T8 come to Iran?

May 25, 1402 at 11:53

The normal (commercial) version of the 2023 Great Wall Kanon pickup has a great chance to enter Iran. That’s why it’s not bad to get to know the technical specifications and price of Great Wall Cannon.

Great Wall Company is considered one of the reliable car manufacturers in China, but unfortunately, it does not have many fans and is not well known in Iran. To better understand the level of the Great Wall, just take a look at their new 6-wheel monster, the Great Wall CyberPickup. Cyber ​​pickup had become the shining diamond of Shanghai 2023 exhibition and attracted everyone’s attention; So their new product can also shine in Iran!

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Technical specifications and features of the Great Wall Kanon 2023 pickup

2023 Kanon Great Wall Pickup

First of all, it is not bad to have a look at Canon Fiber Bomb Edition pickup. Fiber Bomb Edition is an off-road pickup and now its commercial and regular version with the name Great Wall Center 2023 It has come to the field to meet your needs of an urban pickup at a lower price, but with the same engine and technical specifications, and at the same time, it provides decent performance for light off-roading.

Under the hood of the Great Wall Konon 2023, we still have the same famous GW engines, namely the 2-liter turbocharged gasoline or turbo diesel engine. Great wall 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine with code 4D20M can approx 120 horsepower produce the power that this number is in the 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine or the 4C20M engine 194 horsepower increases and also the power of the stronger version of this engine 221 horsepower goes up.

All this power is provided to all four wheels through an 8-speed AT automatic transmission. 4WD is standard on all 2023 Great Wall models, but if you want AWD, you’ll have to pay more.

In terms of comparison, it is not bad to mention that the 2-liter turbocharged engine in the KMC T8 pickup produced approximately 174 horsepower, and although this Chinese van is equipped with a two-wheel drive system, it does not have an automatic transmission! Next, we come to the list of comforts and options of the Great Wall Canon 2023, which will be great for a city pickup:

  • Cruise control
  • Stability control system and traction control
  • Reverse camera and parking sensor
  • 360 degree camera
  • Blind spot radar
  • Electric chair for driver and student
  • Automatic air conditioning system
  • 4 airbags
  • Normal electric sunroof
  • 12.3 inch multimedia touch screen
  • 8-inch digital or 3-inch hybrid with analog cluster
  • 17 inch aluminum rim with 5-spoke design
  • Step for pedals and trunk
  • Plastic roll bar with trunk protector

Appearance design, dimensions and cabin and dashboard

The dimensions and size of the Great Wall Kanon 2023 will vary depending on the selected model, because the trunk space of one of them is larger.

Vehicle dimensions (mm) Cargo space dimensions (mm)
Urban version 5413 / 1883 / 1882 with a wheelbase of 3230 1520 / 1520 / 540
Cargo version or the same for work 5653 / 1883 / 1882 with a wheelbase of 3470 1760 / 1520 / 540

The shape and image of Great Wall Konon 2023 is exactly what reminds you of a special van. From the shape of the lights to the geometry of the bumper and side view and even the rims, everything is designed in the simplest way so that all the focus of the manufacturer is only on the driving forces and technical discussions.

Even the design of the cabin and dashboard follows the same thinking, but the designers have tried to implement the elements of 2023 as much as possible in the room and dashboard of the 2023 Great Wall Center. For example, look at the form of the gear lever or the multimedia and cluster design. Of course, the photo above is related to the urban version of the Great Wall Canon 2023, and the cabin of the work version is slightly different.

The price of Great Wall Kanon 2023 and the chance of importing to Iran

The price of the Great Wall Kanon 2023 pickup in the work version is approximately 18,000 dollars, which goes up to 24,000 dollars for the urban version. Although the products of the Great Wall brand are at a higher level compared to other Chinese brands, it seems that car importing companies do not show any interest in them. In case of importing Great Wall Kanon 2023 to Iran, the price of this 5.6 meter pickup is lower than 2 billion tomans It will be that this issue can have a negative effect on the sales of KMC T8.

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