iPhone 14 satellite call saved 10 lives at once

May 29, 1402 at 11:03

The iPhone 14’s satellite calling function again became a hero and this time it was able to save the lives of 10 people at the same time.

Once again, the iPhone 14 created an epic and saved 10 climbers who were lost in the Santa Paula Canyon area with the emergency SOS function.

On May 12, 2023, the Ojai Search and Rescue (SAR) team assisted the Ventura County Rescue Team and successfully rescued a group of ten missing hikers in the “Last Chance” area of ​​the Santa Paula Valley.

Around 8:00 p.m. that day, the Ventura Sheriff’s Office received a text message from the hikers saying they couldn’t find their way back out of the Santa Paula Valley.

Using Apple’s Emergency SOS feature, hikers were able to contact the sheriff’s office in the area and report important details, including their likely location and whether they needed immediate medical attention.

iPhone 14 satellite call saved 10 lives

In addition, the rangers of the mountain area, who were concerned about the health of the ten climbers, contacted the nearest police station in the area to report them as missing persons and in need of help.

Thirty minutes after receiving the report, the SAR team mobilized and deployed thirteen members to locate the climbers. Despite facing challenging conditions such as limited visibility and navigating dangerous streams and trails, the team hiked nearly four miles into the canyon and successfully found the hikers.

Most of the climbers were not ready to return, and the SAR team provided them with food, water and equipment as they led them out of the canyon.

Fortunately, none of the climbers required medical attention. Their current health is because one of the climbers had an Apple device with the Emergency SOS feature and the iPhone 14 satellite call saved their lives.

Santa Paula route

The canyon stretches for six miles in Ventura County and has an elevation gain of more than 3,700 feet. Described as a challenging and rough passage, this route has great views.

On this route, the Last Chance area acts as a connector between the Santa Paula Canyon section and a hiking trail. Spanning nearly seven miles, this area presents its own set of challenges for hiking enthusiasts.

The rocky terrain of this area can be slippery under certain conditions and is considered one of the last opportunities for climbers to turn back or decide to continue.

This situation is especially dangerous for those who do not have enough resources to continue the path; Because it may take five hours or more for them to reach their destination.

How does the iPhone 14 satellite call help people?

This security feature enables people to communicate with emergency services via satellite connection and provide a lifeline in case of emergency.

To use this feature, you have to go to the emergency calls or SOS section, which by showing the physical location of the satellite, asks you to point your iPhone 14 exactly towards a specific point in the sky where the satellite is located.

The emergency connection to the satellite will only be used for sending and receiving messages. Each message sent via satellite takes 15 seconds under ideal conditions. But if the surrounding space is surrounded by vegetation, it takes more time to reach the receiver.

For example, in April, a group of students in Utah got stuck in a canyon after hiking. They used Emergency SOS to call emergency services and were finally rescued.

Another case highlighting the functionality of the feature occurred in January, when two women in Canada used the feature to call emergency services. They got stuck on a snow-covered road, but were eventually rescued using satellite communication and taken to a safe location.

Satellite communication is not just for calling emergency services. You can also use this feature in the Find My service to inform friends or family members of your location.

Apple announced during the iPhone 14 event that this service will be free for 2 years with compatible devices; But there is no talk about long-term costs.

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