Irancell organized the first digital transformation training seminar in the banking industry

05 June 1402 at 19:42

Irancell held the first training seminar on digital transformation in the banking industry with the aim of greater interaction, familiarization with capacities and introduction of special organizational solutions for banks.

In the morning and afternoon of Thursday, June 4, 1402, the first educational seminar on digital transformation in the banking industry was held in Irancell’s central building with the aim of greater interaction and familiarization with Irancell’s capabilities in digital banking transformation, as well as the introduction of Irancell’s organizational solutions for banks. Examining the infrastructure of Irancell network in the path of digital transformation and familiarizing with the process of supporting Irancell’s corporate subscribers in this leading industry are the main parts of this seminar.

Also in this seminar, Dr. Alireza Mahyar (Deputy Information Technology and Member of the Executive Board of Melli Bank), Engineer Sohail Sayah (Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of Network and Security of Pars Technology Sadad Company), Engineer Majid Turkmani (Head of the General Department of Network and Infrastructure of Melli Bank) ) and a group of senior managers of the provincial affairs departments of National Bank of Iran, Sadad Datavarzi Company and Sadad Pars Technology Company and a group of senior managers of Irancell were also present.

Holding a seminar on digital transformation in the banking industry

In this seminar, Mahyar, member of the executive board and vice president of information technology of the National Bank, praised Irancell and expressed his satisfaction with the holding of this seminar, pointing to the 160% mobile phone penetration rate in the country and saying that on average every Iranian has a bank account with one phone. This statistic shows that every user of the banking network is equipped with a smart bank.

Digital transformation in the banking industry

The Vice President of Information Technology of the National Bank continued his words and stated that nowadays digital transformation does not accept going to bank branches and waiting, digital transformation means that every person is able to self-service their bank services inside a mobile phone or a kiosk. Of course, this issue requires a wide and deep culture building within the bank group, and in the next step, operators play a very key and effective role in this field.

Mohsen Yousefpour, the general manager of Irancell’s organizational solutions, explained Irancell’s solutions for the development of the banking industry in this seminar and said:

Today, the economy and the space of social interactions have changed in an unprecedented way, under the influence of technological developments and the opportunities arising from them. Irancell, in the field of organizational business, has set its vision to become the chosen business partner of organizations for geographical development, penetration in markets, increasing business effectiveness and providing organizational solutions, and has defined its mission to bring the above opportunities to individuals and organizations. It is so that they can do more and be more effective along with a better life

Irancell operator, in line with its strategic mission and considering that it is known as the first 5G provider and the record holder for the speed and number of 5G sites in Iran, is fully prepared to create and establish a dedicated network in organizations and industries. In this regard, Irancell has put measures such as accelerating the development of 5G network in the country’s industries and providing end-to-end services to create digital transformation in the country’s industries, especially the banking industry.

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