Irancell’s special tariff for Hajj 1402 was announced Farent

After the first companion, now Irancell has announced its special tariff for Hajj 1402.

Iranians can use June 3 to August 31, 1402, for 90 days. receive these services in Saudi Arabia. In this way, Irancell subscribers, in addition to not needing to buy a SIM card and change their number, save on the cost of their calls, SMS and internet usage during the trip, and compared to the tariffs of operators in Saudi Arabia, they pay lower amounts for using communication services.

Irancell subscribers can also benefit from Irancell’s 5G internet roaming services in Saudi Arabia. Irancell is the first operator that has provided 5G international roaming services since December 1400 and has made it possible to use this service in the United Arab Emirates, China, Thailand, Qatar and Vietnam, in addition to Saudi Arabia.

Irancell internet package for Hajj 1402

Irancell’s special discounted tariffs for using roaming services have been considered through STC and Mobily operators, and Irancell Hajj pilgrims this year have the opportunity to purchase a special Internet package for pilgrims with an exceptional discount. This package, with a volume of 1.5 GB and a duration of 60 days, is available at a price of 280 thousand Tomans. It is possible to activate this package by dialing the command code 1111*4*#1 or visiting the Irancellman super application.

Another package that Irancell has considered for the pilgrims of God’s House is a package with a volume of 3 GB and a duration of 7 days, which is offered at a price of 440 thousand Tomans. It is possible to activate this package by dialing the command code 1111*4*#2 or visiting the Irancellman super application.

Irancell discount call and SMS tariff for Hajj 1402

Irancell has also considered a combined call and SMS package for subscribers who need to use more calls and SMS when traveling to the Land of Revelation, which includes 70 minutes of conversation with Iran or Saudi Arabia and 70 SMS, with a validity of 7 days and a price of 340 It is a thousand tomans.

Activating this combined package is also possible by dialing the command code 1111*4*3# or visiting the Irancellman super application. It is possible to purchase and activate all packages for pilgrims many times.

Irancell discount call and SMS tariff for Hajj 1402

Communication tariff without package activation

Also, the cost of each minute of domestic calls in Saudi Arabia, each minute of calls to Iran, and each minute of incoming calls in Saudi Arabia will be 9,000 Tomans. The cost of sending each SMS is 3,000 Tomans and the cost of each megabyte of mobile internet used without package activation is 2,000 Tomans.

Communication tariff without package activation

Receiving text messages during the trip is free, and the cost of incoming and outgoing calls will be calculated based on the minute and from the start of the conversation. Therefore, if the incoming call is not answered, there will be no charge for it in the call.

Irancell subscribers in Saudi Arabia can recharge their SIM card by dialing *#7 for free, in addition to using the My Irancell super application. There is no cost to turn on the mobile phone while roaming.

Irancell subscribers should note that by turning on internet roaming, the data used in mobile phone applications will be charged with the roaming fee. Therefore, it is better to make sure that automatic updates and similar things are disabled in their installed applications.

activeTheIrancell roaming setup

Activating the roaming service must be done before traveling by dialing the code #1*1111* from the Irancell SIM card or by using Irancellman super application be done. For this purpose, Irancell subscribers must first select the “Other” option in the Irancellman super-application, then activate the roaming of their line in the “File” section and then in the “Roaming Services” section.

Irancell subscribers should note that Internet, conversation and SMS packages active on Iran’s network will not be usable when they are in Saudi Arabia, and it is necessary to activate special roaming Internet packages if they wish.

Irancell subscribers should keep in mind that in order to call Iranian numbers from abroad, they must dial the code 0098 before the desired subscriber number (example: 00989351234567 (mobile phone) or 00982187654321 (landline)).

It is recommended that Irancell subscribers charge at least 100 thousand Tomans in their credit SIM card before entering Saudi Arabia, and if they encounter a problem during the trip, they should first make sure that their SIM card has enough credit. . It is suggested that regular subscribers also increase the credit limit of their SIM card to the required extent.

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