Is the internet going to be expensive in Iran?

25 May 1402 at 13:56

The Minister of Communications recently announced the request of operators to increase the tariff of internet packages, but is the internet going to become more expensive in Iran?

Fixed tariff of mobile and fixed internet packages is considered as one of the most important and controversial topics in this field in recent years. While some activists are against the increase in prices due to pressure on users, on the other hand, some activists in this area emphasize that the fixed tariffs prevent the development of this area.

Internet price increase is under investigation

In this regard, Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, recently answered the question whether the price of Internet packages will increase in 1402 or not, and said that the issue of increasing the price of the Internet is being investigated; Because the operators made proposals due to the increase in costs, wages, increase in the dollar rate and equipment, which we will inform in this regard if necessary.

The Minister of Communications continued his remarks and stated that the last tariff for internet packages was related to 2016 and the prices did not increase during the 13th government. In addition, the packages below the price floor were also removed and the operators did not consider new packages until now. Therefore, we try not to put pressure on people.

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