Jack concept pickup; The new off-road giant in Iran with the KMC brand?

May 28, 1402 at 11:15

The new Dadao pickup is a concept van from the GMC brand, which is considered under the Jack collection, and we are going to get to know its attractive features and technical specifications.

The GMC brand in Iran is known as KMC, and its products such as the T8 pickup or the K7 SUV and the J7 sport sedan are currently experiencing good sales. It is interesting to know that JMC, one of Jack’s subsidiaries, recently unveiled its new series of pickups called Dadao. Of course, the Dadao brand itself is known as Avenue in most parts of the world. In the following, we will go to one of the first Dadao concept products called the Flying General pickup concept and check its top and bottom.

Jack GMC Dadao concept pickup at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

The new GMC Dadao or Avenue pickups are going to be on the scene in collaboration with Ford, and as you can see from the appearance of this product, we are dealing with a Chinese Ford F150 that likes to ride off-road. According to Jack, mass production of the Flying General Avenue pickup is scheduled to begin by the end of this year.

Technical specifications and off-road facilities in the GMC concept van

Pickup concept GMC Jack Dadao

The Jack concept pickup is equipped with two electronic differential locks on the front and rear axles, and thanks to its snorkel, it can enter deep rivers with a water height of 80 cm. Goodrich 315/17 off-road studded tires and 17-inch rims (equipped with beadlocks) are also here to make it easy for you to step on any path.

The GMC Dadao concept pickup uses an independent chassis and thanks to its height kit, it can raise and lower the height of the suspension system on the front and rear axles, up to 220 and 210 mm, respectively. Add nitrogen shock absorbers to this suspension system. Also, the suspension system in the rear axle is of multi-link type, and this system in the front axle is replaced with a double wishbone suspension. Don’t forget the plastic flaps and extra pedals and roll gauges to get to the technical specifications and engine of the GMC Avenue pickup concept.

Under the hood of the JMC Dadao concept pickup, there is a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine, which is exactly copied point by point from the Ford Bronco. Ford Bronco’s 2.3-liter turbocharged engine uses Ford’s EcoBoost technology and DOHC system, and on its best day, it can give the driver 270 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque.

Of course, the gearbox of the Jack Dadao pickup concept is an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox, which is replaced by a 10-speed gearbox in the Ford Bronco. But what does ecoboost mean? In one word, it should be said that the productivity and efficiency of this type of engines are several hundred steps higher than old engines. For example, it is not bad to mention that the maximum torque in this engine will be available even at 1000 RPM.

Of course, the Puma turbo diesel engine can also be ordered, which has its own problems and advantages, and we prefer not to open technical discussions in this article. Anyway, for this engine, exactly 7 types of driving modes are defined, which include mud, sand, snow, rock, sport, economy and standard modes.


The price of Jack GMC Dadao pickup in the normal version is almost 20 thousand dollars and there is no need to explain that the price of this version will be much higher. Since the GMC Dadao pickup concept currently has no competitors in the Chinese market, its price cannot be accurately guessed, but considering the changes made, we think that the price of this car will be from 26 thousand dollars will be higher. With this account and taking into account that normal vans are tuned in Iran’s off-road workshops at a more reasonable price, we conclude that the import of GMC Dadao to Iran is almost ruled out and this product with KMC brand It will not come to Iran.

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