Kerman Motor: If the Competition Council insists on reducing prices, 4 cars will be removed from our production line

31 May 1402 at 13:51

Kerman Motor announced by publishing a notice that if the Competition Council insists on reducing the prices, it will stop the production of four of its products.

The Competition Council announced the new price of assembled cars some time ago, which was immediately opposed by the private sector car manufacturers; Because these automobile companies believe that the prices are calculated with the dollar rate and previous financial statements and it is not possible to reduce the prices. In this regard, Kerman Motor announced by publishing a notice that if the Competition Council insists on its declared prices, it will stop the production of four products that have been priced for them.

Kerman Motor’s statement regarding price reduction

The text of Kerman Motor Company’s announcement in response to the prices announced by the Competition Council is as follows:

Due to the publication of false information regarding the sales method of Kerman Motor Company’s products, especially the prices announced by the Competition Council in some media over the past few days, we consider it necessary to enlighten the public opinion and the minds of our dear customers, to draw your attention to the following points. :

1- Based on the materials published in the media, the competition council has set prices for 4 models of riding products of this company in the meeting dated 02/16/1402, whose calculation basis is completely contrary to the realities of the country today. One of the most important discrepancies, according to the explicit declaration of the honorable members of the council in the meeting on Saturday 02/23/1402, is the application of the exchange rate of 28 thousand and 500 tomans to calculate the prices, which is basically more than 4 months, according to the policies of the central bank, this exchange rate is for the import of automobile manufacturers. It is not applied and automobile companies must provide the foreign currency for the import of car parts from the foreign exchange market at a rate between 40 and 45 thousand tomans. Therefore, it is obvious that the price calculations should be modified according to the current rate.

2- After the date of the announcement of the mentioned prices in the media, according to the Competition Council, this company has not announced any sale or registration for these 4 car models, and the image created is that the products of Kerman Motor Company are sold based on an optional price or any price. The other is completely untrue.

3- If the Competition Council continues to insist on the announced prices based on wrong assumptions, these 4 products will be removed from the production cycle of Kerman Motor Company, because based on economic logic, production and sale at a loss is not possible.

4- The instructions of the Competition Council are only for passenger cars and do not include vans and other commercial vehicles. Therefore, the sale of commercial vehicles and vans is in the hands of automobile companies.

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