KMC T8 Pro automatic was introduced + technical specifications and price

26 May 1402 at 20:33

Jack KMC T8 Pro pickup truck was introduced with 2 liter turbo diesel engine and automatic transmission. In the following, we will accompany you with the price and technical specifications and the chance of importing it to Iran.

The KMC T8 jack pickup is one of the best-selling Chinese pickups in the Iranian market, which has a high purchase value compared to its price; However, its main weakness is related to not having an automatic transmission. Now the KMCT8 Pro is here with a turbo diesel engine and automatic transmission to provide both more power and automatic transmission. In the following, we will get acquainted with the technical specifications, price, options and facilities of the KMC T8 Pro Automatic, and finally we will look at the chances of importing it to Iran.

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Appearance design and dimensions

KMCT 8 Pro Automatic

The appearance of the KMCT 8 Pro in the 2-liter diesel version, which uses an automatic transmission, is almost different from the “manual transmission Pro” model. In this version, we see a new front window that is not dissimilar to the Chery Tigo 8 Pro! Also, the under-bumper has been completely changed and now we have a two-tone under-bumper. Of course, the shape of the lights has not changed at all and has remained intact.

There is no difference between the side view and the rear view, so we will not add an explanation. Also, the dimensions of this version are not much different from the Pro manual model and include 5320 mm in length, 1830 mm in width and 1815 mm in height, and its wheelbase reaches 3090 mm.

Technical specifications and features and options of the automatic KMCT 8 Pro

It may seem strange to you, but until today, all KMC T8 Pro models were available with a 6-speed manual transmission. Even KMC T8 in Iran can only be ordered with a manual transmission.

But now, thanks to Jack KMCT8 Pro automatic, this problem is completely solved. When we lift the hood of the KMC T8 Pro automatic, we are faced with a 2.0-liter turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine (2.0CTI type) that is manufactured by Ankang Technology and can 167 horsepower power and 410 Nm produce torque. Probably, the 2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine (with a power of 150 horsepower) will be mounted on this version later.

Anyway, all these 167 horsepower are provided to the driver through an 8-speed automatic transmission (Dongan 8AT transmission) and he will also have 2 light, heavy and single differential movement system.

from the other Differences of KMCT 8 Pro automatic With the manual model, we can refer to the red brake calipers and Def Lac (mechanical differential lock) on the rear axle and the rear window heater. Also, the amenities and options of the KMC T8 Pro automatic jack include the following:

  • Automatic cruise control
  • Digital cluster and touch multimedia
  • Traction and stability control system
  • 360 degree camera
  • Reversing camera and parking sensor in front and rear bumper
  • Electric parking brake and auto hold (optional)
  • Controlling the movement of the car in downhill
  • Start key
  • Ability to enter the cabin without a key
  • 220 volt AC power port
  • USB charger and lighter
  • Electric folding side mirrors with heating
  • Electric driver’s seat with 6-point adjustment and heater
  • Hand rests for front row passengers
  • Cup holders
  • Getty AT70 off-road tires with size 265/60
  • 16 inch wheels with black finish
  • 4 airbags (6 airbags in the full option version)
  • Red brake caliper
  • Mechanical differential lock on the rear axle

The price of KMCT 8 Pro automatic and the chance of importing to Iran

The price of the automatic KMCT 8 Pro in the Chinese market ranges from 17.7 to 22.9 thousand dollars, and this price difference is due to its options. If the import of KMC T8 Pro automatic to Iran is confirmed, we will probably increase the price of KMC T8 Pro automatic in Iran from 1.8 billion tomans Start and in the full option version to 2.5 billion tomans reach

Since the regular Jack KMCT8 has firmly established its foothold in Iran, we guess that Kerman Motor intends to repeat its previous path by importing the Pro automatic version. Also, most of the T8’s Chinese competitors, such as the Photon G7 or the Amico Asena Turbo Automatic, are equipped with automatic transmissions, which puts the T8 to shame.

What is the difference between automatic KMC T8 Pro pickup and gear?

Going through the 8-speed 8AT Dongen automatic transmission, we get to the 2-liter turbo diesel engine that has 167 horsepower and 410 Nm of torque. These numbers were limited to 136 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque in the gear turbo diesel version. Also, the red brake caliper, electric folding mirror with heater, electric seat with 6-point adjustment, off-road tires and rims, and mechanical differential lock are among the most important differences between the gear version and the automatic.

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