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Kohl’s Credit Card OR The Kohl’s Charge is a credit card that allows you to finance purchases that you make at Kohl and throughout the year you are going to get a number of cardholder-only discounts sent to you. Other people who don’t have the card may not get those discounts, so those are sort of the two big things that you are getting from this card. for some people that may be enough, but let’s take a little closer look and see if there are other features that you might be interested in.

Follow the steps to kohls.com/activate

  1. Go to kohls.com/activate
  2. Enter your customer login information in the text boxes starting off with your username and then your password.
  3. Click login
  4. you’ll need to enter your 12-digit card number with your pin and you’ll be able to activate your credit card

If you can’t remember your login information, click the login button. To check for your credentials, click on this forgot a username for the username and forgot password for the password, and then follow the steps.

  • Kohl’s offers customers 35% off their first purchase with the Kohl’s Cash card.
  • -You can use the Kohl’s Charge card to finance purchases that you make at Kohl’s and throughout the year.
  • -You will get a number of card holder-only discounts sent to you.
  • -Other people who don’t have the card may not get those discounts.

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Is Kohl’s charge a good credit card?

The Kohls Credit Card is a no-annual-fee credit card that is only accepted inside Kohl’s stores or at Kohls.com so nowhere else you can’t use this card. The card also doesn’t have any foreign transaction fees, so it’s a great option if you travel a lot.

Kohl’s does have a rewards program, but it’s not the most generous out there. The everyday rewards program gives cardholders a five percent reward on their purchases at kohl’s, meaning that if you spend 100 bucks at kohl’s, you’re going to earn five dollars in cash at the beginning of each month. Kohl’s will also send out kohl’s cash certificates in five-dollar increments and then you will have only 30 days to use them so this is a rewards program that is sort of generous on one hand but not so much on the other. Because you kind of has to run out of coal and use them within the next month after getting them, this program can be a little bit difficult to use.

Kohls Credit Card discounts

Kohl’s is giving their cardholders some exclusive discounts and benefits throughout the year. For example, on your card anniversary, there will be a special discount. This means after you have held the card for one year two years three years, there will be something on that first anniversary, second anniversary, etc. So, you’ll get another discount that way.

If you use your card for at least 600 transactions at Kohls in a year, you will become an MVC or a most valued customer. This will give you even more discount opportunities throughout the year. Additionally, you will have some free shipping opportunities as well.
If you’re thinking about getting the Kohl’s Card, it makes sense to get it when you are making a bigger purchase at Kohl’s. Because this is a one-time-only discount that Kohl’s is giving you as a new card holder, you would rather spend your now 100 bucks at Kohl’s and get 35 off than spend 40 bucks and get the card and get 14 off. So make sure you get some good value out of that when you become a cardholder for the first time.

If you’re interested in applying for a Kohls Credit Card, be sure to check the website for pre-qualification instructions. You have a good chance of being approved based on your credit score, and the pre-qualification process won’t affect your score. If you’re not approved now, there’s no harm in trying the pre-qualification process.

Does Kohl’s give discounts on first purchases?

Kohl’s offers customers 35% off their first purchase with the Kohl’s Cash card, so it makes sense to get the card when you are making a bigger purchase. Kohls Credit Card

How do I check the status of my Kohl’s card?

This information is available in My Kohl’s Card’s Account Summary 24 hours after your payment has been posted to your account. You can also get your most up-to-date account information by calling Kohl’s Customer Service at (855) 564-5748 and selecting option ‘2’ from the main phone menu.

How do I use my Kohl’s card in-store?

In-Store Purchases: Bring your state-issued ID and the colleague will search for your account. When shopping online, remember to save your Kohls Credit Card number as your primary payment method. * THE 35% COUPON IS VALID FOR ONE IN-STORE OR ONLINE TRANSACTION WHEN YOU USE YOUR NEW KOHLS CREDIT CARD WITHIN 14 DAYS OF CREDIT APPROVAL.

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