Lamari Emma facelift was introduced + technical specifications and price

06 June 1402 at 00:20

Dongfeng Evo T5 Huracan Edition or Lamari Emma Facelift has finally been officially introduced. In the following, we will talk about the technical specifications and the price of the new Ima lamari in Iran.

So far, we have been introduced to three different versions of Lamari Ima, namely the fully electric model and Lamari full option and hybrid, and now it’s time to go to the flagship version in this family, the Lamari Ima model 2023. This car has just been introduced and will definitely enter Iran. In the following, we will get acquainted with the technical specifications, price and options of Lamari Ima Facelift and check the date of its arrival in Iran.

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Short introduction of Lamari Emma Facelift

New Lamari model 2023

This car has gone to the market in 5 different trims and again hosts a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine. The options and facilities in Lamari Ima Facelift are almost not much different from the full option version, but its appearance and cabin show a different world. Also, since Dongfeng Evo T5’s trademark in China is a tiger, this car came on stage with a tiger-like cover.

Appearance design and dimensions

The dimensions and size of Lamari Ima Facelift are not much different from the previous version and include 4595 mm in length, 1860 mm in width and 1690 mm in height, and the wheelbase reaches 2715 mm. The front window and the shape of the bumper in the new Lamari Ima are completely different from the regular model and now we have a new design. The vertical lines have been removed from the front bumper and the horizontal lines have been replaced with broken designs.

Also, two new lines can be seen on the hood, and right at the top of the bumper, we have a heptagon design. Also, under the shield or lip shield, the word has been changed. Lamari lights of Ima facelift in the full option version are also of LED type, which are reduced to halogen lights in lower trims.

In the side view, we are facing a new line in the pedal part, but the design of the rims and their dimensions have not changed and still 19 inch rims We have the multi-spoke design. In the rear view, we have a new diffuser and the place of the license plate has been completely changed and is slightly lower. Also, two artificial air vents are installed on the fenders to make the car look more sporty.

Cabin and dashboard design

The dashboard of Lamari Emma facelift is not much different from the previous generation, and again in this part we see multimedia touch and 10.25-inch digital cluster and D-cut steering wheel with multi-function buttons; But if you take a closer look, you will find some major differences in the cabin.

New and sporty seats

The Lamari ima facelift seats have been completely changed and now we have integrated and sporty seats in which the “driver’s row” part is connected to the “back of the seat”. Also, the upholstery of the room and the chairs of the new 2023 Ima model have also been changed and now we see a newer design.

Crystal gear lever

Also for the first time, Crystal gear lever in this room, which makes the appearance of the car several times more luxurious. The buttons for the electric park brake and auto hold, automatic parking assistant, and the assistant for movement in the headland and the button for changing the driving modes are also installed under this gear.

Technical specifications and options of Lamari Ima Facelift

The 2023 Lamari Emma Face model has entered the market in 5 different trims, all of which use the same engine and gearbox, but the power of some of them is different from the other. When we raise the hood, we see the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that 195 horsepower produces power; Now the torque of the flagship trim is approx 300 Nm but there is another trim that 285 Nm Delivers torque.

The 285 Newton motor with the code 4A95TD and the 300 Newton meter motor with the code DFMC15TP1 have been introduced. The second motor uses China’s Mach Tech technology. Both versions to 7-speed automatic transmission with two clutches 7DCT300 are connected which engages the front wheels. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of facelift is about 8.8 seconds, but Dongfeng claims that the number 7.96 seconds He has seen it with his own eyes! Its fuel consumption in combined mode and every 100 km of the route 6.6 liters reaches

Using the best gearbox and Chinese engine with high efficiency and low noise

It is interesting to know that Dongfeng claims that Lamari Ima facelift gearbox and engine, or Dongfeng Evo T5 Huracan Edition, is among the top ten gearboxes and engines in China that use China’s Mach Tech technology. The thermal efficiency of this car’s engine is approx 47.01 percent It is a significant number. The amount of noise that the engine of this car transmits into the cabin at a speed of 75 km/h, only 38.5 dB Is; It means equal to the sound produced inside the cabin! Thanks to this engine, Lamari Emma even outruns the helicopter!

The new Lamari Ima in the flagship trim is equipped with automatic driving assistant level 2 plus, which also has the chance to enter Iran. Anyway, we will write all the options and facilities of Lamari Ima facelift model 2023 for you, but maybe the version imported by Arin Pars Motor does not have some of these options:

  • Automatic cruise control
  • Traction and stability control system from Bosch ESP 9.3
  • Automatic parking assistant
  • 6 airbags
  • 19-inch rims with multi-spoke design
  • 235/55 R19 tires
  • Electric parking brake
  • auto hold
  • Cup holders
  • Crystal gear head (optional)
  • 360 degree camera and blind spot radar
  • Camera recording events
  • Electric safe with foot sensor
  • Blind spot radar
  • LED high beam and low beam
  • Automatic high beam
  • Daylight and autolight
  • Rain sensor
  • Warning of opening the doors during the passage of vehicles or DOW
  • The system remains between the lines
  • Automatic lane change assistant
  • Voice command assistant (optional)
  • 7-speed automatic transmission with two clutches with tronic tip and electric gear head
  • McPherson suspension system on the front axle and multi-link on the rear axle
  • Cream color leather upholstery
  • Electric cash register
  • Link 4.0 operating system for multimedia
  • EyeQ4 processor as the main brain of the multimedia system
  • Forward collision warning system
  • Driver’s and front passenger’s electric seats with heater and 6-mode adjustment
  • Front seats massager (optional)
  • The ability to fold the rear seats
  • Dedicated charger port and air conditioning vents for the rear row
  • Electric folding side mirrors

The price and trims of Lamari Ima Facelift

Lamari Ima model 2023 comes in five different trims and in the price range of 14.1 to 19.8 thousand dollars, which we will read below; Note that only Mach models have a torque of 300 Nm:

  • New Gold model with a price of 14.1 thousand dollars
  • Platinum model with a price of 15.1 thousand dollars
  • Mach Diamond model with a price of 17 thousand dollars
  • Mach Star model with a price of 18.4 thousand dollars
  • Mach Glory model with a price of 19.8 thousand dollars

With a simple calculation, it can be said that the price of Lamari Ima facelift in the Iranian market starts from 1.7 billion tomans and finally goes up to 2.3 billion tomans arrives. The Tehran Motor Show, which will be held next summer, will most likely be the first place where we see this Chinese crossover.

What is the difference between the cabin and appearance of the new Ima Lamari with the previous model?

The front grille and rear diffuser of this car are completely different from the previous model, and two fake air vents have been added to the rear fenders. Also, the seats have a new and sporty design, and the refrigerator has a crystal-shaped design.

What is the difference between the options and features of Lamari Ima Facelift and the previous model?

In this car, we see more options, which include the following: electric seat with heater, 360 degree camera, electric spring box with foot movement sensor, 7-speed tip tronic gearbox, lane keeping radar, front crash warning system, rain sensor. , automatic high beam, door opening warning system when passing DOW vehicles, automatic parking assistant, LED light, blind spot radar. With these interpretations and all these options, the work of competitors of this car is like Venusia V Online or Phoenix FX will be hard to calculate.

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