Major projects were inaugurated with the presence of the President

May 28, 1402 at 07:06

With the presence of the president and at the same time as the World Communication Day, the major projects of the first mobile phone were officially opened and unveiled. In the following, we will examine the details of these projects.

In the evening of Wednesday, May 27, 1402, and at the same time as World Communication Day, a ceremony was held with the presence of the President and we witnessed the opening and unveiling of major projects of the first satellite. In addition to Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, the President of our country, Issa Zarepour as the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mehdi Akhwan Bahadi as the CEO of the First Companion, as well as a number of officials and managers of companies and organizations in the field of communications and information technology of the country were present in this ceremony. This ceremony was held at the Research Institute of Communication and Information Technology, and the major projects of Mobile First, including the fifth generation mobile phone laboratory, as well as the connection of 2200 villages to the high-speed Internet network of Mobile First, were unveiled and inaugurated.

Acquaintance with big and new projects with the first companion

The first specialized laboratory of the fifth generation mobile phone of the first mobile operator was opened by the order of the president in the science and technology park of the University of Tehran. Also, in this ceremony, 2,200 new villages were officially covered by first mobile high-speed internet. By establishing direct communication, the project of connecting four thousand villages with twenty households to the national information network was started. This happened with the unveiling of the 4th generation site of the first companion in the village of Hasan Abad Alia, in Zirkoh County, South Khorasan Province.

Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, the president of our country, honored the day of communication in this ceremony and while pointing out the importance of the student’s educational network, he stated that the Shad network, which was created during the corona epidemic, had many effects and benefits in the country’s schools and education system. This system was a new phenomenon in the educational system and prevented interruptions in the education of students. He added that we wanted this system not to be abandoned and that this system should be used for educational assistance issues in addition to face-to-face training; Because good connections have been made and we should not lose this network. It should be noted that the Shad network was launched with the investment of Mobile First during the Corona epidemic to help the virtual education of students.

Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, was also present at the ceremony and announced that since the beginning of the 13th government, four thousand villages with more than 20 households have been connected to the national information network, which was made possible by the efforts of mobile phone operators and Iran Telecommunication Company. . According to Zarepour, currently 92% of the country’s villages are connected to the national information network, and the remaining 8% are among the hard-to-reach villages that will soon be connected to this network.

The Minister of Communications emphasized that currently there is no city in Iran where less than 80% of its villages are connected to the National Information Network. He added that by the end of this year, one hundred percent of the villages in our country will be connected to the national information network.

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