MediaTek introduced Dimension 8200 Ultra in collaboration with Xiaomi

MediaTek in cooperation with Xiaomi unveiled the Dimensity 8200 Ultra mobile chip as a more powerful version of Dimensity 8200. The aim of this collaboration was to provide a processor with very high performance in the imaging sector. Xiaomi has confirmed on its Weibo account that Civi 3 will be the first phone equipped with Dimension 8200 Ultra.

This processor is made using TSMC’s 4nm process and has four Cortex A78 cores and four Cortex A55 cores. The score of this chip has exceeded 900,000 in the Antuto benchmark, which is a very great result.

The collaboration between MediaTek and Xiaomi has made it possible to use the top technologies of both companies to optimize the imaging capabilities of Dimension 8200 Ultra. Xiaomi is a well-known company in the field of algorithms and imaging technology and has achieved great success in various technical aspects of photography. On the other hand, Mediatek has brought to the field its many years of experience in the field of mobile imaging.

Dimension 8200 Ultra

Dimension’s open architecture enables seamless integration of the MediaTek platform and Xiaomi’s imaging capabilities. Xiaomi’s Imaging Brain feature, which uses advanced algorithms, has achieved many successes in the field of portrait photography, capturing images from night scenes. To ensure the compatibility and efficiency of its imaging technology, Xiaomi has created a cross-device platform to more easily deploy Imaging Brain on the Dimension mobile platform.

The collaboration between Xiaomi and MediaTek also focuses on the improvement and optimization of more than 30 Imaging Brain operators on Dimension 8200 Ultra. These optimizations help the Imaging Brain technology to use its full capacity on the new MediaTek chip. For the first time, this technology brings 38 imaging capabilities to the Dimension mobile platform and will result in optimal speed and energy consumption compared to other chips, so that its speed has increased by 235%.

Dimension 8200 Ultra

Mediatek’s vice president of public relations says that he is very excited about the phones that will be presented in the future with the company’s new mobile platform and expects that these phones will surprise users in terms of design, performance and imaging capabilities.

MediaTek is trying to enable the full capabilities of its Dimension platform in cooperation with world-renowned brands that are active in the smartphone field and provide a great user experience.

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